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Would you like to get a newsletter from Pantheon Crafters?

Would you like to get a newsletter from Pantheon Crafters?

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Would you like it if Pantheon Crafters started to send out an email to members with some information regarding crafting in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?

This would be a max of one email a week, but more likely it will be one email a month for the time being.

If there is nothing worth emailing I won't send one out in order to make sure not to send out useless emails but I thought it might be a good way to get people involved in the crafting community and as Pantheon progresses through development I imagine a lot more news will become public information that people can discuss on this forum and that will interest them.
At present, I think once a month would be about right for a 'check in' when there's not much new info out yet. Updates as new info surfaces will be great. Honestly, I don't keep up with all the threads on Pantheon forums so it would be nice to hear about any crafting tidbits that might get dropped in a post by one of the developers. Once we get to release - or maybe even beta, depending on the NDA situation - weekly updates on new discoveries will be very much appreciated. Good Work!
I'd love to get information in my email about crafting. I sometimes miss updates in the forum since I don't visit very often.

Love the new look of the crafting site!
Yeah, for sure!

And as information becomes available (that isn't restricted by NDA, of course), maybe include tips and tricks for raising crafting, the best areas to farm certain crafting materials for certain professions, etc...? :D Just a thought!


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Thanks for the replies everyone. I've been giving the idea of a newsletter some thoughts for another project I am working on and I think that the same ideas could be used for Pantheon Crafters. It is just a case of finding the time to do everything that I want which is a bit tricky at the moment.
I'd be excited by it. I'm already jonesing for more crafting news. I'm really hyped for Pantheon, and can't wait until it gets closer to release so we can know more about it!