Water as component node?


Water is quite often used in a lot of trades. Usually it's bought at the vendor and is common good all over the world.

Because fishing is going to be in the game, why not allow other locations at or in the bodies of water to allow gathering water (or other aquatic plantmaterial)?
Different bodies of water or locations can render different 'flavours' of water. Thinking about alchemist or provisioning/brewing, but also smithing, they could have recipes requiring different kinds of water. This could stimulate crafters to seek these bodies of water across Terminus. And considering that seasons and acclimations will be a thing, the influence of this on access to these 'nodes' might have an interesting impact.
This could lead to these resources availability to fluctuate, in line with the change of the seasons. A consequence would be that the scarcity and prices of these goods will fluctuate as well. Which seems like a general good thing.
A pond, rivercrossing, lake or seaside might get a lot more interesting for players, rather then just running past it if there is no fish to harvest.
Water itself or certain location in the water might be 'safe enough' to fill a bottle. This bottle of water could have a minimum hp or mana regen stat on it. Or a purely crafting property.
The aquatic plants could be similar and be usefull for a lot of different trades and recipes (cooking, boiling, drying). For example provisioner, tailor, alchemist, scribes.

These nodes don't seem too different or complex from other nodes that are already aimed to be in game.

Considering the seasonal effects (snow, ice, draught, rain) on the environment, these water resources can get very interesting and changing. So you'd have players who start to "know the land" at each season. This could make yet another immersive incentive.

What do you think?


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I like this, especially when you think about things like alchemy (but even beyond that). For example, a potion recipe might call for "brine" or "salt water" while another needs "spring water". Definitely a cool idea.


Another consideration; with this design, you can remove water from the "trash-loottable". One could turn this now into a no-value item. So it's up to the players to either destroy it or put a value on it.
So it's no longer a pure cash dump at nearest npc.
This goes of course with the suggestion that one can not purchase any water related resources from npc's. Similarly to the design where you can not purchase ashen timber or silver clusters from npcs, but you'd have to harvest them or obtain them via playerrelated-interactions.
If any of these water related resources, would be sold by npc's (not sure why there would be a need for it, other then a lore related feature), these resources could be of inferior quality to the resources that are available in the "wild".


I like this idea. I play a web-based game that while I *do* need money and items for it, water is actually what keeps my little game going. I know if I am to get this item tonight, I have to have 4 waters to do it. If not, I have to wait until my water refills tomorrow (automatic over time refills are on game timers). I might need those 4 waters to make itemA to complete a quest.

Water as well as wood or even ore/stone, fish, and even plants for that matter could all be different in some way. You could have frozen globules of water (ice cubes), crystal sea waters, horrid smelling swamp water, etc. There could be water-dwelling plants in the same ways, growing only in such climates. Differing fish would obviously spawn and live in their respective waters. Since there are different waters, plantlife and fish so far... why wouldn't there be different types of trees with harder bark or softer leaves, varying on where they live? There may be varying bugs in one plant type, or tree in these divided lands.

*sighs* As you can see, I tend to take things a bit far. All of this literally came to me as I was writing. Once completed, I looked back and saw just how much work the devs would have to put into the game to not only create the "resources" and their surroundings but also how many different recipes this would have to have to support all of it.

I will say that I am for the idea of using water as more than just "buy a stack on water flasks from the vendor." I'd love to see something more complex like I was talking about here, but I understand fully just how much work that would mean and how easy it could be to affect the crafting community far too early. Maybe this could be implemented later on when a new continent is found? That only "x" type water/plant/fish/stone/wood is found in those lands? Possibly. One can hope so, anyway!