Using the Perception System while Crafting


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Using the Perception System while Crafting - A discussion of what would be possible if the perception system was used in crafting

The Pantheon developers have talked about the perception as it relates to quests in their FAQ as well as showing a video in their latest newsletter showing it off to the public but I believe that the perception system could be so much more.

Imagine if crafting were included in the perception system? If you had zero perception you could go through the crafting process and make normal items like everyone else but if you had a high perception you could discover secrets about the items you are...
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It's interesting indeed. I read more in lines of experimentation and that makes sense.
I'm not sure I'm a big fan about being perceptive and discovering new bonuses on the same item. To me that falls in line with the function of experimentation. So for sake of not getting things mixed up, I see them as two seperate things. (Personally speaking ofc).
When it comes to perception, I can see four options here.

1. Using perceptionskill on known craftspecific recipes.
I'm perceptive during my crafting when I'm making a a blue dye. My perception might bring me to the step/stage where I can try out (read experiment) blue dye while making candles.

2. Using perceptionskill on items crafted by other trades.
The example is a bane relic...the alchemist has enabled bane experimentation towards his already known recipes, because he's seen Bane imbuement on a item made by a different crafter). This does not mean he can make a bane relic (as that might be just for stonemasons or woodworkers) but he's able to "attune" the thing he has 'discovered' using his perceptionskill on his own trade.

3. Using perceptionskill on items made by other crafters of the same trade or from loottable.
I've come across an item from another player or loottable. While using my perceptive skill as an alchemist I notice that this moonmage candle has a "different colour" to it, then the one I'm already able to craft. From there on, a questline could start to npc's speaking of coloured candles or certain dyes out in the world based on certain resources. Or a more simple approach I just start experimenting with dyes. This means, perception can unlock experimental stages. BUT only if the crafter has encountered such an item and has used the perceptionskills to see that something is different from the usual candles. A crafter with lower perception, might find nothing out of the ordinary and will remain making plain candles.

4. Using my perceptionskill on new content resources.
Perhaps I can already make bane candles now, but by some way a new kind of root has become available to me. I might use my perception skill, to notice that I can use that root to make new wick (or experiment on trying to make a new kind of wick using that material).

If one would just be able to use perception on other crafted items and instantly know how to make that same item for the first time.. That's a bit too easy for me. If I can make lasagna bolognese and I see that someone has made lasagna verde.. I do not instantly know how to make a perfect lasagna verde. It will require practice, making sure the spinach is not too dry and with trial and error (read experimentation) i might need to experience the best way to dry/wash spinach. (Don't take this literally, but I hope you see where I'm getting at).


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I am a fan of learning main and sub recipes through salvaging items your crafting class can make as way of reverse engineering different things.