Update: The ongoing war against spam bots and bad people.


Staff member
Hey all,

We've managed to go for quite a while without a spambot making it onto the site, but unfortunately there's been two that made it through our defenses recently. I have banned both IP addresses they were using and will continue to monitor.

If you see a spam post that I miss, please click on the report link in the post to report it to me. That will flag it for me so I can find it easily. If you want, you can also ping me in Discord to give me a heads up.

Whatever you do, DO NOT click a link in a spam post. Following links in spam posts puts your computer and your personal information at risk. And this should go without saying, but please make sure that your PC/browser/security/antivirus/etc. is up to date with the absolute latest fixes and patches. We do everything we can to keep this site safe for Pantheon fans, but if you follow a link to somewhere else, there's nothing we can do to protect you from whatever might be lurking there.

As mentioned above, we are flagging and blocking IP addresses to get rid of these spambots. If you or someone you know is attempting to register and you are blocked or listed as "pending approval", please feel free to reach out to me via Discord or a PM on the official Pantheon forums and I will clear the block for you. Without doing that however, we have to assume that any new registration from these IP addresses is another spam attempt and treat it accordingly.

Later this week, @Cromulent and I will be looking at strengthening our registration process to try and stop these latest spam bots from getting in.