Tool consuming crafting requirements


I'd like to go into more detail on what's been said in the VIP stream of the august dev roundtable.
At 19.03 in the stream, he informs us about something interesting.

A crafting requirement, like a tool, that is needed and might be consumed during the craftingprocess.

So let's have a think about what this could mean.

More commonly, only components get consumed during the process.
If tools were in a game, they rarely vanish after you obtained them (through quests, rare purchase or unique crafting). You might be able to upgrade to a higher version and you'd sell your outdated one for some cash or hand it over to alts.

The suggestion is that *IN Certain situations* tools now themselves might get consumed while crafting.

Could we start thinking about consumable crafting tools? Would you enjoy the idea behind that? For example, a less frequent event at the workstation can be countered, but your tool will be consumed. Or can only be countered if you have the tool equipped, otherwise the opportunity will just go by, without being able to get the reward of that crafting event.
Or would you prefer that this consumed tool-idea stays limited to those rare recipe/situations?

Each crafting (sub-?)class needs it's own unique tool or would you prefer just one common tool for all crafters? After all, we're talking about a tool that has a chance to be consumed during crafting.
Does that tool need to provide any other stats or is it just there, ready to be consumed when required? And related to that, should stats* decrease when that tool is consumed at that time? (Stats related to and present during the craftingprocess, such as progression, quality or energy resource consumption.)

Lastly, who's making those tools? Each craftclass it's own? And where would they get that recipe/technique for making that tool?

Thoughts and considerations?


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From personal RL crafting experience consumable tools are sadly a thing. They could be things like grinding wheels, drill bits, saw blades and chisels. These usually get a fair number of uses then need sharpened or replaced based on the failure mechanism.

In addition to wear tools there are also things like jigs and forms. In casting most of the molds that are not made out of coated steel are actually one use items. The most common form is using green sand packed in a form around a positive of the part that you want to cast. Then you combine multiple molds to create the cavity you want to fill. Another tool is taking one solid replica made out of foam that you then pack green sand (sand with some form of elmers glue type binding agent) around the foam. You then pour your molten metal onto the foam which immediately incinerates (yes its fairly toxic) and the metal fills the area formerly filled with foam. Actually looking at a corn based foam substitute for personal use.

Consumable tools could be things like forms and jigs that you can only get 20 or so uses out of then you need to replace it. Wear tools could likewise have a limited number of uses before they either need remade or run through a maintenance processes. Lastly there could be one use items that must be made as a part of the process but the tools to make the one use items would be fairly unlimited.

This would again add another whole pile of items a crafter wants to keep which will play havoc with inventories if we are limited to 80 inventory slots.


An abundance of consumed tools during the sessions would be something to avoid.
That makes sense, there is plenty of inventory management with your basic resources and/or subcomponents.

What I'm also reading here, is that it's a natural thing to have tools being consumed during crafting in real life.
From that perspective, there could be a compromis between two ends.
Not every recipe would require tools to be consumed. So 1-10 or 1-20 could be a better ratio. This could avoid your inventory management issues. And it still would hold that consume tools factor as a tangible experience for crafters.

As you illustrated, @Trasak , each craft can have their unique tools that ought to be consumed. This could be different as levels or skills develop (points spent if that is in the game). It could be just the same tool throughout a certain technique or development tree. Again, this we're thinking about a crafting tool that would be required to be consumed in certain circumstances. So it would not be common practice.

Giving it a unique touch for each class could give it an extra touch of depth. Of course it opens up sales opportunities for crafters, npc vendors or even quest content. Some crafting tools might only be found in the world and although required for crafting, it could very well be, that it's not possible to craft it yourself and that one would have to venture into the world to find/obtain them. (this through killdrop, salvage, npc or environment interaction, mystery)

For me, the tool doesn't need a stat on it. It could just be a required component at some stage in the session. Giving it an extra graphic effect when consumed, could be enough to really make the consumption action an experience that stands out. The consumed tool could give that one certain recipe something that you don't find in other recipes, such as a different stat or appearance. So in this last scenario, it would not have stats on itself but grant something extra.

Giving it a stat while you wear/equip it and losing it when the item is consumed, could be a really direct experience for crafters. From that perspective, I'd encourage it to have a stat. This would result it losing that stat on yourself until you have another of those tools made and equipped. You'd keep that stat until the next time your tool is required to be consumed. So either the consuming of tools is recipe based or at random with a low frequency of occurring. This to prevent making it a drag or too common factor in crafting.

I enjoy the idea of a crafter really feeling that they have equipped something that improves their crafting. (Similar to adventurers wearing armor or hitting something with a weapon instead of bare hands.) It doesn't have to be to a point, where it's really demanding, but for those that can, they might want to equip such items. This could be level/skill/technique requirement. Initially, no one has tools and can craft it all, but as you speciallize and advance, some tools might come into play. These could be linked to the specialization you've chosen and to what degree (level or quality) you aim to improve the product. In this example it would be that a armorer would equip a different hammer than a weaponsmith would. When an armorer equips a Ogre tool, they might be able to craft armor that is linked to that culture (aka special recipes). Whereas in general that armorer might not require a special crafting tool or if any it would just be a common armorer tool.

That an equipped crafting tool could be consumed during the session is a line of thinking on its own. Still, I can see situations where it would happen. (crafting events, special recipes, groupcrafting sessions,...)