The entwinement of the perception mechanic with crafting


Based on what the 11/2018 newsletter is showing, a lot of fireworks are going of in my head.
I hope, I'm not the only one on this website with that experience.

Perception is made up out of two skills: insight and investigate.

First of all, the perception mechanic can be laid over parts of the crafting content as well. Especially, when crafters are entering towns, unique places or encountering nodes/resources. There is no mention of this line of work so far from the dev's but I don't see why they would not implement it for the crafting aspect of the game. Obviously the focus now is on adventuring and pure world exploration and crafting development will follow later on in time. I understand that part.

Second would be the insight skill. A passive skill they say. That could work very well with a crafter getting their hands on an item or subcomponent and their insight hinting that there is something more for that crafter to look into.
This could align very well with our post of the progression-suggestions and the salvaging threads of late.

Thirdly would be the active skill; investigate. Again this could work very well for crafters as they actively use this skill on items, books, parchements, crafting tools, magical components, nodes etc. An example here would be; A blacksmith stands near a node in a cave and chooses to use his investigate skill. This reveils that there might be something rare near this node, if one would use the proper tools/skills for it. So the blacksmith equips a special pick (or any other kind of buff) and manages to harvest a rare resource. This could be limited to their primary tradeclass. So you don't end up investigating every item that passes your hands.

The player that does both adventuring and crafting will skill up their perception more rapidly than a player playing only one of the two carriers. But then again, this just means they would get rewarded for investing more playtime in the game. So it makes sense.

It would be nice that crafters can skill up their perception based on exploration, harvesting and crafting alone. Similar to an adventurer would. Only the dev's have not stated this as such, so far.
But the way they are unrolling this, it would have so much potential to make crafting even more engaging and more meaningfull.

Lastly; class/character pings. They are talking about adventure classes and remain dead silent about tradeskill classes. Again, it would make sense if they unroll this system for craftingclasses as well. So that a woodworker would walk in a forest, gets a Character Ping "There are some fine quality trees, here." And that woodworker discovers a harvesting (special) node. Or a woodworker walks through a village and a Character Ping triggers "These sawmills appear of exceptional quality." The woodworker /investigates the sawmills and is guided towards an npc who happens to have a woodworking quest or such.

What do you think?
Too much work or not the goal of this game to go to that kind of crafting dept?
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I think the vision the team has right now is for Perception and Crafting to stay separate in terms of day-to-day activity (crafting items). Key to whether that happens in the end though is whether people get Insight and Investigate "for free", or whether they have to go learn the skills somehow to get started. Similar to how you have to go see a trainer or something to get started in crafting.

The team has also said a few times that they view perception as an optional thing that players can choose to do (or not do). From an adventuring perspective, some folks just want to kill monsters and don't really care so much for all the questy bits in games. Because of that, and because of the fact that if you want perception to be really useful, you have to work on raising the skill, I think the team is trying to avoid making it into anything that might be perceived as "required".

That said, I think they could still set up perception pings that fire based on your crafting profession. They would just need to take care not to make the rewards from those too special or unique.

Personally, I would love to see perception more integrated, but I'm biased: I'm an explorer type already. Perception is just rewarding me for something I sort of already do.