How about transcriber or linguïst or observer? As a specilization for sages/scribes.

Transcripts are printed on special transcript paper. This opens up various ways to specialize and explore different ways to advance.
or example the bible wasn't written by one piece. It was a collection of papers and books. So for a recipe ingame that could mean, you'll need many parchements to complete a transcription.
This could be loosely translated as; stages of research or development. Let's say the full recipe requires 4 pieces of parchement (I'm not going into detail what's required to create/transform the Original piece of paper but you can make some requirements in that as well) and the adventurer hands over the 1st piece to a scribe. The scribe has everything to start the paper, and so he does. Another example: It could in fact work with orders/billboard head hunting quests for adventurers. (If I read Jon Doe has a price on his head, I might need a paper to copy these details, so when I kill Jon Doe, I can go to a certain npc with that paper to let the paper be signed off and collect my bounty. It doesn't have to be a killquest, it could just be talk or trade or get info 'on writing' and hand it in.)

Similar to the thread about a blacksmith becoming specialized in making swords? The scribe will need to venture out in to the world or raise faction to get access to languages. (although i'm not fond of losing the racial Lore of the game due to everything become universal use, so perhaps just stick to reading and writing, but not speaking?).

Scribes can be linked with the perception skill. You could call this kind of expert: the observer.
A specializationskill for it could be: sagacious, astute or perspicacious.
How this goes into effect if the scribe has specialized into Observer: he gaines astute skill points. This can be achieved by using general perception on an items or what not. When it's raised high enough the following scenario could become possible; An adventurer finds a chestplate. He hands it over to the Observer. He takes his time to look at (read uses his astute skill on the item via craftingmechanism) and writes down his findings on a paper. This paper gets handed back to the adventurer together with the unchanged chestplate. Now the adventurer after reading about the findings of the scribe can use his perception skills on the chestplate to see if he can sniff something out himself.
This could work similarly for crafters, gathers as well.

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