Skinner, Spinner.

Spinner/weaver; This one could make a whole new range of items other than just clothing and accessoires. A spinner could make tapestries, bandages (temp boosts useable out of combat) , cloaks, carpets, perhaps even a special kind of shield or that could be imbued with magic? Or perhaps he can create woven items that can be magically imbued or transformed later on (flying carpet? leather musical instrument? Leather weapon/fistwrap with magic) The magic could come from another proces/crafter (alchemist?)

A skinner could be linked to the perception system.
Where the skinner uses his skinnerskills to enable perception on different kinds of leather items to notice the special things about it. This could open up new recipes/experimentations or he could take his findings to a scribe and let him translate it into a workable piece of parchment that is handed back to the person who gave the skinner the original item.