@Trasak Camp Master;
A woodworker could become capable of setting up camps by so called using their surroundings. And set up temporary crafting/resting camps. He gets a nice fire going for example, or he's able to tinker up another sort of temporary crafting station. Pretty straightfoward. For example he's got a cook with them in group and they want him to make food "on the fly". The cook requests the woodworker to make him a makeshift cooking station and that cook can get started after completion. It's not a one station use all kind of suggestion.
These items can be commissioned or being sold, but then the temporary factor will have to go. Or ones consumed/equipped the item works similar to a temp spell/buff it wears out after X-time.
The products made from these makeshift crafting stations, have lower quality value but will do that trick in hour of need (for an example check out the provisioner reply I made earlier).

Carpenter or Carver;
This again could be entwined with perception skill. In short (because I already explained the idea in other threads). The carpenterskills allow the Carpenter to inspect woodworking products and notice what is different about them. This could open up experimentation or other recipes. Perhaps make products for others or sell the recipe after replication by a transcriptor/scribe.


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Wood is one of those things that works well with the perception system. For instance, you can see if there are knots in specific bits of the wood which might make it hard to work with or you might notice that the wood is already split or not that good to work with. I guess the same is true of most resources you could acquire as a player for crafting.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the perception system will work with crafting.