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I'm curious how all of us feel about how our characters look when crafting. In some games, there's specific crafting gear, so if you start crafting your character will put on an apron or a smock or whatever. In other games, you'll be doing delicate needlework or hammering at the forge in whatever adventuring gear you might be wearing.

What do all of you think is the right way? Should crafters look the part when they craft? Or is it really not important? No wrong answers, just curious where people land on this subject :)
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I love looking the part while I'm crafting. In Lotro, my cook had a big 'ol greasy apron on while he slaved away and in FFXIV you could really look the part with even a chef's toque! I'd even wear something else even if there wasn't anything specifically made for my crafter, but that's the roleplayer coming out, I suppose. ;)
defiantly like the looks to fit the rolls. then you throw in the changes and customization's in the crafting wardrobe as the crafters skill level goes up when they pass from Apprentices to Journeyman to Master. if you want to take it further then you add the slot system for upgrades/augments say 1 slot for Apprentice 3 slots for Journeyman and 5 slot for Master.


I enjoyed crafting gear's appearance in other games. In fact I liked it so much, that I had my seperate crafting appearance outfit when I was crafting, same goes for when I was just running around in town and a different one when adventuring.

Wearing a smithy's outfit was lovely. Perhaps similar can be done for chefs and carpenters?
At one time I was in a crafting guild, where every member would wear the same robe while crafting. Now that was good fun and it really brought us together. And you'ld be proud to stand at public crafting stations with outsiders passing by and looking at this group of similar dressed crafters.
That's not crafting gear appearance per se. But I have not encountered such a method of guildcohesion ever again.

I'm not too fond of headgear, especially because certain things don't fit an elf where it would be perfect for a dwarf. It makes it cluncky or cartoonesc and would push me out of my immersive game experience to see such odd things. Saying that, some racial only linked crafting gear could be make a elven blacksmith feel special. So that could be just a unique appearance for that race and the blacksmith combo. So it would not be possible to wear an elven smithy's helmet as a dwarf, but the dwarf might have is own unique one. (This could require faction or other achievements to access that unique item...).

Crafting gear with or without stats that has craft specific appearances ...well that's nearly a must for me. Just arms waving around or hands put together in a prayerlike fashion while crafting is...hmm..odd and dated? Surely you can do better? (just look at eq2 crafting for example) I was blown away by the appearance first time I crafted there. I used to stare at myself while I was bottling poisons as my alchemist.

When it comes down to true ingame fashion. I immediatly think about status and prestige gear (just as apperance for example). The higher a crafter gets, the shinier his outfit, or the more choice they have on colours, style, images or drawings on the robes, and ultimately perhaps glowing things? So a starting crafter passing a master crafted would be drueling over the amazing appearance of that players crafting gear. If you don't like to brag, you can ofc still wear the more plain stuff.


I never really cared that much how I looked while crafting. I was only concerned with the finished product and if my skill increased hehe. But after reading your responses, I think I'd like to see that implemented in Pantheon.


I love specialized crafting gear. I'd like them to put as much time into this aspect of crafting as they do adventuring. Should you be wielding the rare flaming hammer of mithril over the forge it would be nice if it was recognizable by its' appearance. Why shouldn't crafters be as proud of their tool as any adventurer would be of their weapon? Also as an outfitter I'm hoping to finance my endeavors by providing those aprons to other crafters...
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That should be a requirement in every game that has an important crafting content in it. If I am making potions, I'd love to see my character slip on some big protective gloves, maybe some tinkered sort of eye-wear and a lab-coat!

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