Site changes coming soon!


Staff member
Hey everyone!

After chatting with Cromulent some, I am going to be joining the administrative staff for Pantheon Crafters to help him out a bit. As you might have heard, he has had some things he has been dealing with and he hasn't been able to be as active as he wanted. So, I am going to be helping him out by taking on some of the work of building and maintaining the community. Don't worry though, Cromulent is still around! This change will let him focus more on the technical side of running the site, and I will be assisting him with some of the less technical aspects.

Anyway, Cromulent and I wanted to give you a heads up about some changes coming to Pantheon Crafters in the near future. The goal of these changes is to help get the site ready for when Pantheon enters Alpha and Beta, and also to help us build a more active community of crafters and friends both in these forums and on the site. Here is a brief list of what is planned:

1) We are going to be doing some streamlining and consolidation on the site's forums, to make it so that you don't need to click around quite so much to get to the good discussions. We always have the option to break things out later if an individual forum gets too busy, but we want the site and the forums to be easy to use. These changes should be happening this week so if things look different next time you visit the site, that's what's going on.

2) Along with the forum changes we are working on some forum titles and trophies to help recognize people who contribute a lot to the crafting community. The first bits of that should be in place sometime this week so if you are a registered user you may start to notice some of them over time.

3) One of the big things that we want the site to be is a resource for people just getting started with crafting in Pantheon. With that in mind, we are going to build out a special section of the site where community members will be able to post guides to help their fellow crafters out. The back end for this is already in place, so we just have to do some configuration work to get it ready. It will definitely be ready in time for Alpha, although we will still be complying with the terms of any NDA put in place by VR.

4) We are working out the details of adding a front page to the site with a new/blog style. There's some technical stuff we have to do to make this work, so it may take a little while before it shows up, but the idea is that we want visitors to the site to see news about the game, or featured discussions from the community, right up front - instead of just getting dumped into the forums.

5) For Pantheon's Beta, we are planning on having the wiki module ready to go. This will allow the community to help us build out a knowledge base of recipes, materials, crafting quests, and any other information that might help a crafter day to day at launch. The idea is that if you aren't able to remember which version of salamander gland you need to make that fireball scroll, or where the heck goblinroot can be harvested on Terminus, you'll be able to reference the wiki to help figure it out. Our goal is to have this feature in place for Beta, but we'll adjust as needed depending on how things change as Pantheon continues to get closer to release.

I hope this all sounds good and exciting to everyone! If you have feedback or questions, feel free to let us know :)