Site Announcement: Pantheon Crafters will be merging with Pantheon Plus this fall!


Staff member
Hi everyone,

When we first set up Pantheon Crafters, we had the idea that it would be many things: A hub for community discussion, a resource for players who were participating in crafting and gathering, and a place for us to bring forward the best ideas around crafting and gathering to support the ongoing development of Pantheon.

This fall, we are planning to merge websites and have Pantheon Crafters become a core part of Pantheon Plus. This is not us throwing in the towel; rather, this is us joining forces with their team to take that initial vision even further and give us a lot of cool new capabilities:

  • After the merge, we will be able to post blog-style Articles and highlight them on the Pantheon Plus front page. We will also gain the capability to create and post guides (including video guides) that we can begin leveraging as time goes on.
  • Pantheon Plus will gain a back-end that they can expand on for discussion forums, as well the ability to connect that with a wiki module, helping the overall site become an even better hub for the Pantheon community.
  • The merge will give us a larger technical team to keep the site up and running and add new capabilities.
  • We will bring a crafting and gathering perspective to Pantheon Plus, which will help us not only with reaching more potential Pantheon players, but also with continuing to promote the vision of meaningful, engaging, and fun non-combat gameplay for Pantheon.
The exact date for the merge is still being worked out by the technical folks on both sides. Right now, it looks like we will be able to transfer all the existing discussions and forum threads over when the merge happens, so none of your thoughts and ideas should be lost. We will post the timeline once we have it worked out. In the meantime, if you have questions, please feel free to ask!