Salvaging efficiency

After a while in game, resources and gear will be quite abundant.

One way to reuse gear is to salvage it into raw resources or subcomponents.
This would add up with the already abundance of resources on the market, inventory, guildstash.
In turn this could effect the marketprice of goods and the desire or need to harvest or otherwise retreive such resources or products made from those resources.

One way to impact this downword spiral of prices and lack of desire to venture out in some parts of the world... When a iron hammer is made out of 2 iron ingots and 2 wooden boards.. If you salvage the iron hammer, you would get 1 iron ingot and 1 wooden board in return.
The basic suggestion here, when salvaging you will never get the full amount of initial resources from your salvaged item.
So there is a mechanic where there is a loss of materials.

I like the idea, although I know many players would prefer a full refund when salvaging.
But with the bigger picture and long term economy and player activity (demographics on Terminus) in mind, I think it could be beneficial NOT to allow for a fully 100% efficiency.

What are your thoughts?
I also like the idea of a small chance of obtaining a rare crafting component from salvaging especial rare gear.
Sounds like a fair deal. As long as you're talking about crafting components that could in fact come from that item you're salvaging.
So you're not getting a golden ingot from salvaging wooden shields for example.
But you could get a divine extract from a Blessed Orc Wooden Shield. If you see what I mean?