Rogue Halfling


Could you elaborate on the alchemist bonus?

I'm trying to find this information but other then the Halfling racial ability: 'the fire of youth' which adds a bonus to consumables (pretty vague still),
how does that make a link to an alchemist?
Or are you basing this on the Rogue ability;
Poison Craft
Poison Craft is a cornerstone of the Rogue's repertoire. Throughout their career, Rogues will develop an ever-growing proficiency in creating, applying and neutralizing poisons of greater variety and potency.

For the alchemical abilities of the Rogue:
Smoke and Mirrors
Smash a vial at the feet of your enemy, releasing caustic smoke into their eyes and nose, incapacitating them for 24 seconds. Any damage to your target will break the effect.
Sleeping Powder
Blow a cloud of sleeping powder into the air. The Rogue and all enemies caught in the cloud will be put to sleep for up to 24 seconds. Any damage will break the effect.

Unstable Mixture
Throw a vial of hastily combined ingredients at your enemy, causing an unpredictable effect.

Flash Bomb
Throw a flash bomb at your feet, immediately ending combat. This ability automatically activates Shadow Walk or Shadow Dwell.

Pressurized Flask
Throw a sealed flask of pressurized air at target location. The flask shatters on impact, creating a loud noise that draws the attention of nearby enemies for a short time.

It forms a good topic to discuss. Should crafting classes influence adventure classes, if so, to what degree?

I like the combination of halfling rogue. Although every tradeskill class is tempting for me, I hope they will not be heavily influencing my adventure class. My halfling stonemason rogue, should be able to match up with a halfling alchemist rogue.
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Rogue Poison Craft is not alchemy. It is a class skill where you prepare reagents ahead of time and use your limited action set to determine what effects you use. Poison Craft may not actually involve crafting at all but rather just a flavor to the class powers but with no mechanics connected to actual crafting.

The halfling racial ability most likely has no interaction with rogue poison craft as they are abilities with reagents rather than consumables.