Reputation and/or Resources loss & Desertion


Kaeldorn's reply sparked an interesting suggestion for crafters.

Some parts of becoming a crafter in specific regions of the world might envolve gaining faction or gathering an amount of coin/resources.

What if like with adventurers, a crafter could in fact loose reputation that they build up previously.
This could happen over time or by earning faction at a crafting institution that is "at war" with your previous one.
Losing faction, might result in loss of benefits, loss of access or even loss of resources.
This loss of resources could be that you no longer have access to certain npcs that sell those resources/ingredients or rare items.
But it could just as wel mean that you no longer have access to a certain harvesting area. As you are no longer allowed in it.
This could be because you're gaining faction with the opposite side or have a decreased faction and it's no longer sufficient enough.

When faction tokens need to be payed or saved up to cash in at that faction npc, building faction with an opposite party might actually cause the prices to go up with your first faction. (If you still follow me.) Perhaps even up to the point that, they will no longer allow you access or ignore you all together and buying items is no longer possible.
At that stage, one would need to work it's way up again with that first faction, where he had lost so much standing due to raising faction somewhere else.
A crafter could find a balance, where he might not have the cheapest sales with all factions but he could purchase from many, (but not all?) at the same time. He'll pay more, but at least it's managable.
This strikes me as an interesting take for the crafting community. It could give you a real feel for a "living/reacting" world as a crafter in Terminus.

I like this idea, because it adds more depth to the players choices. Usually you can't go wrong as a crafter and you be the good guy all over the place. Earning excellent faction with all sides and at the end have access to just about everything. Which is fun, I grant you that. But in a way, you hollow out the value of achievement and meaning. Not to mention contradictions relating to the lore of Terminus. You also, don't look back ones you've reached a certain faction. And becomes a part of the game that is "ok" to be forgotten and not touched again.

If Pantheon aims to prevent dead/deserted zones in adventure, why not aim the same with tradeskill?

What do you say?
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Interesting. I can see the downfall of prideful tradespeople. They start making beautiful swords and maces, so much so they start engraving their names in their products. The local militia, however, starts noticing the certain weapon smiths aren't too fussy about who they sell to. Comrades are dying and your supplying the weapons that are making it so. They talk to the local merchants and you find materials getting pricey. Maybe you take faction hits. Maybe you change your ways and restrict to whom you sell. Maybe you just want to get around the high prices, and losing faction so you stop signing your everyday items so it's not so easy to trace your stuff. Now the militia isn't sure where the weapons are coming from. Of course customers don't realize your skills as easily now that your not signing, quite the conundrum.

Would also be interesting if for crafting faction you became known by the style of handwriting you use on spells. The way your hammer strikes blows on armor. The way you sand and burnish wooden shields. Can a craftsman's skill be determined simply by his "style" after hundreds, or thousands of combines?


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I like the idea of "temporary" faction gains that go away over time, but (as I said in that thread, I think) I also feel that some of the faction gains you get should be "sticky". That doesn't mean that you can't take faction hits and lose that sticky faction however.

A very simple example (I would hope that it would be more complex and less racially-focused than this, in practice):

  1. I start off working with the Thronefast Trade Guild. I build up faction with them and they give me a discount on some materials, as well as teach me a few new recipes.
  2. Later, I leave Thronefast and head over to Faerthale. Some (but not all) of the faction I have built up with the Thronefast Trade Guild starts to go away, simply because they haven't heard from me in weeks. In the meantime I'm gaining faction with the Elves. The humans don't have a problem with this, since they're on friendly terms with the Elves.
  3. Much later, I somehow find myself in Syronai's Rest, working with the Dark Myr Trading Consortium. The humans and elves are generally suspicious of the Dark Myr, and the Dark Myr Consortium is a competitor of theirs. So as I gain faction with the Consortium, I start to lose faction with the Elves and Humans.

Ideally I would rather that there be multiple trading organizations (houses, guilds, whatever) that exist semi-independently of race. For example in a big city like Thronefast there might be two or three different trade guilds that compete with each other, each with different specializations.


I like the sounds of what you propose Nephele. Certain areas should be more cosmopolitan, everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules. I would have a few areas distrustful of others (think dark elves), requiring massive faction work to gain access. Artisans of Thronefast - welcoming, Skargol, not quite as welcoming. Of course I always like the idea back alley dealings at times. Hope they find a way to work that into game.