Rent on properties

When a game enables housing for rent or purchase, players need to save up or/and grind faction to their preferred location.
So there is a portion of preparation and savings in this.
After a couple of expansions and levels up, money or certain status has scaled differently.
What used to be expensive and took a decent investment is now, very cheap and easy to get. So in a way your home has degraded in value, it's become less 'important', less of an achievement to have such a home.

My suggestion: Let us scale up the rental prices/upkeep as new levels/expansions is layed out.
So with top level 50 a house might cost 10 platinum coins. But when level 60 is available, the prices have increased and that same house now sells for 50 or 100 platinum. (I think, you get where I am going with this.)

Let's try and keep the value into real estate in the game as the game grows and economy scales.

Why? It allows for rent reduction items to be useful and craftable. And it gives the "prestige" aspect back to the houses people are purchasing or have done so if the past.
I'm not saying it should become a pain, but a gradual increase with the value of ingame coin would be acceptable.

What do you think?
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