Quantities gathering


In other games, one could harvest 1 root at a time, while others allow you to harvest 10+ each turn.

How much should one be allowed to harvest per node for example or within a timeframe of 1 hour. 50? 100? 600?
Should it depend on how much is required for items to be crafted or doesn't that matter?
And should there be a limit to what 1 bagspace of 1 specific harvest can hold? 20root/bagslot or 200 or limitless?


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Rather hand in hand with my wanting a combine to take a significant amount of time, and therefor crafters consume significantly less materials per hour, I would say discoveries of harvest-able material per hour should be on the slow side. Being on the slow side means you do not end up with a bag full of harvested material in half an hour and need to run back to town. You may go to a specific area that you know has iron ore deposits or a bog with bog iron/copper. Or you go to a forest area that you know mistletoe can be found in often but even after an hour you may only end up with 20-40.


While the numbers themselves could be debated till the cows come home, I agree with @Trasak in the aspect I would rather it take time to gather the materials to make stuff. I don't want to be able to gather enough mats in 20 minutes to craft for a day. As always, a balance. I want it to take time enough to feel like I've accomplished something when I'm done harvesting. yet not so fast that it becomes trivial.

I want all aspects of crafting to be involved for lack of better words. Like adventuring is, if you want to work on the top end be prepared to put time and effort into it.

As far as what 1 bagspace can hold I think that if the amount harvested is balanced right there is no reason to limit how much a bagspace can hold. If you want to harvest for 12 hours then by all means go for it (after you see your head doctor :p ), hopefully without filling every spare space in your bags.