Portable shops


For the life of me, I can't find my previous thread suggesting the idea of allowing crafters to set up a shop themselves.
Trasak might be able to fish it up, since he replied to it at some point.
If the Administrators want, they can put the two in one common thread.

Short version: A crafter is able to set up a temporary shop, where players can view the shop being constructed during a timespan. And the style/look differs depending on the class that crafter is. The crafter can sell their goods when they are present at their shop and players can browse the goods, buying directly from the shop itself or from the crafter standing next to it.

What I wanted to add to that specific idea was the suggestion where there is a standard lay out of a shop. And it has a lot of options to be filled in, by the crafter. This can be done when the crafter completes certain quests or mainstream carrier events.

Look at the salesmenstand as a displaycase. It's a standard shop, but it has a lot of options. Those options can only be filled in as the crafter covers that content. So each time they've completed an end goal, they might be able to display into their shop at a fix location. (the available options have a fixed locations on the display.)

The fix location is necessary from a design point of view. So, every player is, over time, able to distinguish which crafter has done what, if they compare one shop with the other. This is viewable by all players, so that could again give it a persistent feel. As each time the crafter sets up his shop, they're displaying their history as a crafter.

These on the road shops might be something for the real entrepeneurs who venture towards the entrance of a dungeon/keep/cave, where a lot of groups go to. He might set up his shop there on the side of the road. And sell or even buy stuff from dungeoneers going in or returning from their adventure.

If not on the road, it could still be a thing for in the city or town that crafter has settled in. (but that's already discussed in another topic)

options on the shop: banner appearance (perhaps linked to their main profession or crafting institution where they have the highest standing?), colour of the banners, different amount of items, different prestige items or CRAFTING trophies, perhaps even a kind of storage facility which they can lend?, structure size, material choice, fluff: floating, glimmering, musical things, racial appearance shops, faction appearance shops, multiple crafters shops? (actual multiple players selling at that shop?), flowerarrangements, plaque with their actual name or depiction of main profession, display of their crafting toolkit..

What are your thoughts?
And Trasak, if you'ld be able to find my earlier post, that would be great.