Poll: Stockpiling crafting materials

Do you like to keep crafting materials on hand or get them only when you need them?

  • I keep a stash of crafting materials around at all times.

    Votes: 7 100.0%
  • I just get the materials I need to make things.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Do you like to keep crafting materials on hand (for example, in your bank), or do you only go and get the materials you need when you're about to start crafting?


I attempt to keep what I know would be needed or useful, especially a rare material. At least appropriate level of items to what my guild/economy is, and the lower level items would be easier to obtain after a certain period. If bank slots and backpack slots going to be so limited I'll def have hand written notes of nodes/creatures/etc with proper logistics in case anything is needed for someone else.


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I voted to stash. However if it influences my movement speed or heavily impacts my inventory space, I will drop and harvest later on. Unless it's a rare resources.


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I am hoping for the middle ground. You stash your optional materials that make an item player desired but the basic raw materials you go pick up when you need to use it.