Meditation or fatigue during crafting


This actually came to mind when I was reading the replies on

The combat system will have a mana restriction and a hp limitation in Pantheon.
Should crafting have such a restricting-frame as wel?

It could prevent from flooding markets and effecting item value. Another effect is that items requiring a lot of mana to be made, could provide that crafter with another way to experience a sense of difficulty and achievement.

Usually this isn't much of an issue in other games. Players can craft as much and as long as they have the materials.
But I hope to stirr up a nice productive discussion relating to mana cost for crafters.

I might be in favour of it, as long as the time between crafting is something worthwhile as wel. Very similar to the discussion on the hot topic: Battle Med on the main forum.
There is a lot more room to fill up that recovery time for crafters, they might need to run back and forth for supplies or sell to vendors or stock their shop or meet with other crafters to have other items made etc.
Inventory restrictions might be linked into this solution as wel. (Although I don't want to trigger discussing the use of inventory restrictions in this topic).

Crafting mana could require more time then adventure mana or health to recover. This again could influence the amount of items being made or the kind of items available on the market. (if manacost is linked to difficulty of itemcreation)

What are your thoughts?


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Actually . . . Barin you are brilliant.

Crafter “Energy” and its usage and regeneration is the perfect tool to make crafting time limited rather than material limited in completion speed without needing to resort to long mini-games.

The mini games to complete both the sub combines and the final assemblies could include different crafting energy rates to signify the final quality of the item. For example a poor quality result would only require 1 energy per tick but a master quality result might take 100 energy per tick. The relative difficulty level of the mini game to your crafting skill will dictate the number of ticks required to complete the combine.

In addition to the channeled energy you could have active tools to both try and effect the final results or to respond to surprise issues. How far you can push the result will be limited by your total energy divided between the total amount you will need to channel, boost actions, modification actions and failure corrections. Failing to respond to failure corrections will counter previously applied boosts or if there are no boosts will push the final result to the next category lower result. Only if the result drops two grades below your starting point or you run out of energy will a crafting process truly fail.
Your crafting energy only regenerates outside of working on a quality variable design. Petty tasks can be done while you wait for your crafting energy to regenerate enough to do another combine or possibly some form of meditation to do it at an even faster rate.

How this can tie into progression in is the amount of energy you use on a combine is directly proportional to the crafting experience you gain. The material min maxer will try and make the hardest recipe at the highest quality level they can that just barely consumes all of their energy pool without using any expensive optional materials. Conversely there could be an equally energy expensive mini game to return a finished item back to most of the same original raw materials to make the product. Some of the material will be lost and there will be little to no exp earned for recycling (vs salvaging) as the reward is to get some of your materials back to continue training.

Now where this gets really interesting is in group crafting. Multiple crafters can join together under one master crafter. That master crafter can split up where the channeled energy comes from. This way a group of smiths could group up and the low level smiths would provide all of the channeled energy and the two highest smiths would save their energy to buff and modify the result or counter failures. This way a higher quality item can be made at a lower skill level by having multiple crafters join together or as a way to make truly epic items by having a group of master crafters working together. There may be cool ways for different crafting skills to come together in one crafting processes such that unique buffs are added that are not available to the original crafting class.

There could definitely be ways to itemize total crafting energy, crafting energy regen and technique energy reduction tools such that there are things for crafters to collect that will help them with the crafting process.


Indeed, that's pretty much how it would be like.
It's not that new of an idea really. It's just under-used in EQ2 for example. You spend a small portion of power when you use 2 out of 6 abilities, the others do not cost any power. But the power cost is that low, that it hardly has an impact on the crafting result or the possibility of crafting in fast succession. And the power regen out of combat is so fast, that crafters hardly have to wait to get a full powerbar again.

The crafter energy could be called: Concentration, Attention, Focus, Devotion. (I'ld favour the last one, as it has more zing to it, when you look at it on the long run. More devotion is required for more challenging combines etc. And the word itself could possibly be detached from any combat stats, whereas the others might be used in combat stats as wel.)
By detaching them from the adventure abilities or stats, you could design it more easely as a seperate "energy source".
This could open up new regen products, for crafters only. (But that might be pushing it). The general products could provide this extra regen source as wel.

The question becomes; how long would you design for players to wait for regen, to allow them back on a legendary sword. That might be a off-putting if you make the time in between too long. There will to be quite some time spend, deciding how long this time should be. If you'ld have an idea how long a group or a single player would need to regain power after defeating a mob. You could approach the crafter's "fatigue" with similar timeframes.

In order to motivate different players to crafter together, boost could be granted if you have other crafters in group working at the same time. If there would be such a thing as groupcrafting, this could have an entirely different dimension. Where combo's of classes could grant even bigger boosts. Where a group of blacksmiths might only boost up item value, but not per se duration, speed or some or all stats. (But I'm diverting here.)

The link between inventory restriction, if well balanced, with crafter's energy could be so balanced out, you would hardly notice the fact you're out of power. This because, you'ld need to go back and forth to fill up on material or sell your current products. Subcombines are a good example of how small energetic cost items can still be made and fill up the inventory at the same time. So your inventory might fill up with components, you're power is regained. And you commence on the final craft. Your power is being depleted, but you're inventory has been "cleared" as the amount of subcomponent are used up for that final product. Clearing inventory space, but lacking power (temporarly).
If you see what I mean. It's just an example to illustrate how your inventory management will shift linked to your power supply.