If you've heard rumors about Ceythos leaving VR, here's what to know.


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For those unaware, Ceythos was the designer handling crafting and the economy.

So, news "broke" on Reddit late last night or this morning that Ceythos left Visionary Realms in October. In the spirit of full disclosure, I and a few others have known about this since it happened, but at Ceythos's request we weren't broadcasting the information. Since it's now out in the open though here is what we know:

1) All of Ceythos's design work is still in play for Pantheon and was passed to Joppa and the rest of the team when he left. So anything he was working on is still potentially going to happen.

2) Ceythos's leaving isn't a sign of anything bad happening to Pantheon. As we've all seen this past week in the wake of Aradune's passing, the team at Visionary Realms is still committed to making a game that follows his vision, and will be a fitting legacy.

3) With this change there is definitely some uncertainty and the people at VR understand that we're naturally going to have concerns for the non-combat side of the game, including crafting. I'll be putting an article up next week to directly talk about some of those concerns, but not before then.

If you're curious about where Ceythos landed, he let me know this morning that he's got a new contract that he's really excited about, even though he's going to have to move back to California for it. He'll be making an announcement on twitter when he's ready to give details.


People come and go, not a big concern for me. However, I hope they re-visit some of their economic and crafting design decisions in light of his departure.
As has been highlighted and discussed for years, both here and on the official forums, objectively and logically, many of those decisions will simply repeat history, detrimentally. Here's hoping they can make some better choices with a little reflection. 👍


I agree with @vjek . One might be in shock initially for someone leaving the find a job elsewhere, but if you think about it this happens in every day life on a daily basis.
As a community supporting an upcoming game, let's try and see it from that perspective.


I dont mind people coming and going either... but I cant shake the feeling that all these issues are actually what led to brads death. Hope Im wrong. Either way thanks for everything you do neph, look forward to using these forums in live!