I know it's been a while..

Mayeia's chances of survival around here~

  • Let her stay. She looks like fun!

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  • Bah, throw her back. She is going to drive us crazy.

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  • I don't really care, as long as she doesn't spam the site/me.

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  • Oooh! Squirrel...

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Since you've seen anyone new around here. Well, I have both *good* news and *bad* news for you...

My name is Mayeia and I'm here to stay! While I can be fun and chatty, I can also drive people kinda crazy with my own brand of crazy (tm). So please, say hi (or don't! pfft) but just know that I am here and I don't plan on leaving. I am also on the Pantheon Discord server. I tend to talk a lot there too. Well, alright. You've got me. I talk a lot -everywhere- :D.

I have several ideas and 'what ifs' bouncing around in my head but for now, I shall withhold them. I will wander and see what I can find on crafting in the Pantheon system, as I know there's not much out there. If I can share my thoughts/suggestions, then I will. Just try and stop me! Nothing short of an NDA or VR employee can keep me from... ok. No. Overkill, lol. Point being, I know when to keep to myself. Until I get close to that point, I will talk in posts, on Discord, and wherever I am able/allowed to do so.
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Welcome to the community Mayeia! Please feel free to NOT hold back on those ideas and thoughts.


I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with ideas that aren't "too far out there" to be accepted without someone putting me in a straight jacket (aka love me jacket!) or simply thinking the idea won't work. So... I sit here. Mostly I stare at my started post and wonder how I'll finish it.


Be sure to browse through the site as it might provide many topics to catch up on or a hook to start your own thread.