Hi, everyone


I'm Celandor, long-time crafter in multiple past MMORPGs and currently recruiting officer for Legacy of Ages, an up and coming Pantheon guild.

I've got big hopes for Pantheon's crafting system, but even larger hopes that crafting will be absolutely core to the game. I strongly believe that the best items in-game should be those that require component drops from raid bosses, then used by the very best craftspeople on the server to create the ultimate ring/sword/breastplate/...

Crafting in some past games has felt too much like something that was patched in as a second-class component, perhaps there to just slow down the consumption of adventuring content or to add a checkbox in the game marketing literature.

I hope that guilds will be recruiting craftspeople with the same zeal that they seek tanks, clerics and other key classes. Pulling together people who want to focus on crafting is certainly one of my key goals in recruiting for LoA for Alpha, Beta and beyond launch.

In what world can adventurers strike out to slay dragons without the support of the crafting community?

I see many familiar handles from the official VR forum here on Pantheon Crafters. Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you in the months ahead. I sometimes feel that as crafters in the VR forum our voices are less heard than "Team Adventurer". Hopefully, the VR devs will pay close attention to the efforts here. Two thumbs up for Neph and Crom.

~ Celandor ~
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