Herbs and ointments


We usually think about bottled potions and posions when talking about alchemist.

I'ld suggest herbology as a specialized section.
Or in general it could be a nice addition to the class.

Herbs, can be infused, grinded, oil can be added.
Ointments can be made to cure, patch up illnesses.

It would provide a nice wide section of recipes. Some of them might even be regionally bound. Which will again give a nice unique play experience to alchemist across Terminus. As they won't all have the same recipes to work with.
The use of herbs is nothing new in real life. It would give a nice layer of meaning and link to the environment on Terminus.

These could be held in bottles, fabric, small cases, they could even be soaked into fabric. The last one would link tailor with the alchemist class.

What do you say?