Much like the saying that 'An Army marches on it's Stomach', Crafting would be nowhere without raw materials. Personally I have found harvesting relaxing in most MMORPGs I have played. For example, I enjoyed kill mobs in WoW and skinning them for their leather, in EQ2 running around harvesting Shrubs for food items (which seem to make me hungry IRL) and other resource nodes wishing for that special sound that means you found a rare. In Vanguard you could harvest in a team and getting extra benefits for doing so. And there is EVE online in which harvesting, i.e. mining, can be politely be told GO TO HELL.


Yeah, it's really zen. I genuinely enjoyed my time in EQ2 and Horizons hunting for nodes, not for the greatest efficiency but simply allowing my brain to wash away it's extraneous thoughts and focus on a simple activity that didn't require it. It was meditative, allowed me to slow down.

A real chance to relax after struggling with my ADHD symptoms all day. I'm medicating for it now, of course, so the meditation isn't something I desperately need as much as I used to, but it still reminds me of a simpler time.


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I am kinda hoping that harvesting is a bit more involved than in past games. Things like ore needs to be smelted before it becomes metal bars and is bulky and heavy in its mined form.

- A team of players escorting a wagon is needed to load the ore onto and take it back to the nearest smelter to turn it into usable metal. Wagons tend to attract bandits and predators.
- A skinner needs a pack mule to load all the bulky unrefined pelts onto otherwise they would be limited to only a few pelts at a time, they also have the option of trying to clean and cure the hides onsite but you still end up running out of bag space for roles of leather pretty fast.
- Timber for lumber is acquired in a similar way to bulk ore. Staves are similar to skins.
- Herbs and reagents require special techniques, tools and containers to collect (possibly even a mini-game that can fail)
- Salvaging is actually practiced by the items appropriate crafters as a sub part of their profession rather than as a generic harvesting skill and has its own process.
- Fish and meat from fishing could have a decay timer that the food needs processed by or it begins to rot and become unsafe (bonus points if certain recipes call for partially rotten ingredients)

This would end up creating nodes where specific crafters would go to grind their craft due to the availability of local materials, especially if there was a commodities exchange vendor in town that harvesters could sell to and crafters could buy from.

All of this depends on realistic mass of harvested materials and a serious limit to the volume a player can carry at one time even with a semi Marry Poppins carpet bag. A second possible changed would be backpacks that counter x amount of mass rather than x% amount of mass in the bag.


Oh your ideas sound heavenly. It'd be a perfect world imo if we had that sort of work, it'd make gathering/harvesting that much more of a game within a game.

I played ArchAge for a time, but it got too much a P2W game even for me. ArchAge had similar trade wagons full of your harvested goods but it was PvP so other players (not npcs) attacked your wagon trains. LOL.


Harvesting/Gathering are great. For me it's a way to "relax" withing the game as compared to the high excitement of running groups or raids. Added benifiet is (obviously) it gets me the mats i need to make stuff.

@Trasak Some great thinking there. Totally like where you're going with that.


I start to get uneasy when people talk about realism and game inventory, especially when related to crafting materials.

There's just nothing realistic about a world where people can carry multiple sets of armour, wear multiple backpacks simultaneously, or even the crazy idea of putting logs in backpacks at all. At some point, we just suspend our disbelief and accept the inventory system as "magical".

I would like harvesting to be that fun, zen activity. I don't want it to be punitive when it comes to gathering ore or lumber. A wagon and 4 players to harvest logs? Really? I'm just starting out as a lumberjack and I have to get four friends to help me level my skill in noob zones while I cut down trees? What is gained by forcing me to make repeated trips to town to empty my pack of ore? If travel is supposed to be significant and not trivialized by clicky portals, I will be spending more time getting to and fro than engaging in harvesting.

I understand wanting to have in-game systems which have added engagement, but I think we need to be careful about wishing for things which we may woefully regret post-launch.