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Much like the saying that 'An Army marches on it's Stomach', Crafting would be nowhere without raw materials. Personally I have found harvesting relaxing in most MMORPGs I have played. For example, I enjoyed kill mobs in WoW and skinning them for their leather, in EQ2 running around harvesting Shrubs for food items (which seem to make me hungry IRL) and other resource nodes wishing for that special sound that means you found a rare. In Vanguard you could harvest in a team and getting extra benefits for doing so. And there is EVE online in which harvesting, i.e. mining, can be politely be told GO TO HELL.


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Yeah, it's really zen. I genuinely enjoyed my time in EQ2 and Horizons hunting for nodes, not for the greatest efficiency but simply allowing my brain to wash away it's extraneous thoughts and focus on a simple activity that didn't require it. It was meditative, allowed me to slow down.

A real chance to relax after struggling with my ADHD symptoms all day. I'm medicating for it now, of course, so the meditation isn't something I desperately need as much as I used to, but it still reminds me of a simpler time.