Guild chamberlain and the treasured guild nugget.


Thanks to the VoT Mica Q&A for the inspiration.

There is an amenity that allows for 1 guild member to access and get skilled in a skill called Coin making/goldsmithing. A specific work station could allow for this craft.

The guild can buy and unlock this feature and hand out an craftingtool that the crafter would need in order to interact with a certain work station. At the start no guild member has it, if the guild can buy this feature, only 1 person can have it at a time,…later on it can be unlocked so that more than 1 player can access that work station. The initial purchase could be guildlevel based or other requirement (#guild members, #status contributed, X crafting level reached by X # guild members…)

The workstation itself could be a reward based on guild effort or unlocked by a combined effort of the crafters of that guild.

What’s the design behind it… You start off with 1 or multiple npc’s near your guildhall that open up content (quests) that will reward you with a guild nugget. These nuggets can be stored at a guildnpc. When the “guild chamberlain” takes those nuggets from the storage, they will be able to craft guild tokens/coins from that nugget. And as they turn in those nuggets to that npc. That npc gets stocked up (I’m leaning onto the design choice of a crafting Dev here). If certain amount of stockade is reached, ALL guild members are able to purchase some items equal to the amount of available tokens present. IF the guildnpc runs out of tokens…the store dries up and there is nothing related to this feature that is able to be obtained by other guild members. At this stage you’re back to storing nuggets so that your “guild chamberlain” can turn them into tokens/coins and restock the guild npc with special goods.

This is part of the design. Another part would be that the amount of tokens handed over to the guildnpc, filled the guildnpc's stock and it now will unlock / attract ‘new’ guildnpc’s offering the guild other content (either permanent or again linked to amount of tokens stored at the initial guildnpc). More quests being unlocked could also mean new means for guild members to gather those guild nuggets. So they might need to travel further to complete content/quests to be rewarded with those nuggets.

The chamberlain feature can be purely a craft made possible because a player has a certain craft item within their possession allowing them to interact with a very specific workstation. So this means, that crafting tool can be carried, passed on or deposited back to the guild bank if requested. In the case that player leaves the guild with the tool. It’s the guild level requirement of their next guild, that will dictate if they can still use the tool or not. If the requirements are not yet met, he will have no use for it (yet). If it is met, he can immediately go and work on the nuggets present in that guild. What this means is that his previous guild will have to work to access a new craft tool. This might require some content to be consumed. (So if they left on good terms, the leaving guild member will donate the tool back to the guild or make it so that before leaving they have access to a new tool straight after. If they left in bad term and that player just ran away with it, he’ll have his reputation damaged but the content would still be obtainable, be it with more effort by the remaining guild members.)

An option could be that the Chamberlain could get skilled in it, as they continue making those tokens/coins.

What you now have; a guild specific content unlocked experience, where a guild member has a unique responsibility and crafting skill. (Mind you this skill can only be improved when equipped with the unique tool and at that specific work station.) As they get more skilled, they might get more return per craft, resulting in more tokens per amount of nuggets. And/or a new tier of guild tokens could be unlocked. As a crafter this seems like an awesome thing to be able to for a guild. And design wise you’re not reinventing the wheel here.

How does that coin or token look like? It could be a specific design, chosen by the guild members themselves or a token chosen from an available list. Meaning, the guild could have voted on which token appearance they would use. Or it could be items that allow for a design/template being available at an npc which can be altered as the guild sees fit. The ui could or could not allow for the guild heraldry to be displayed on the token/coin. So if a guild member leaves, the guild tokens they happen to have on them during this process could be used in another guild, just not with the heraldry of the previous guild still being displayed. As (obviously) that new guildnpc does not value another guild’s tokens.

Several time/money/resource sinks are/could be implemented in this content.

What do you say?


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To me this mostly reads as a guild contribution and guild progression system. I am all for guild progression system as it gives you something horizontal to work on other than just your personal level and gear. I am not certain that tying it to effectively a guild officer crafting position is the best option, honestly sounds like a lot of maintenance that not everyone would want to be responsible for.

There is plenty of design space though for both adventuring and crafting contributions as well as ways to unlock and restock guild vendors. I just might do it more in a direct manner and have guild tokens just be non transferable out of guild currency that can be used on the vendors or other perks.


It is indeed aimed to be such a contribution/progression system. The way of suggestion is actually meant to be player/crafter oriented. Meaning, there are/will be many different ways to contribute to guild and progress your guild.
The options on how to contribute to guilds as a crafter however, might not be so omnipresent. So this would be one of the options for crafters to contribute.
That said, as written in the example, all kinds of guildmembers can contribute to this system. There is no restriction to where or how these nuggets can be obtained. Of course an exploitation restriction must be designed into this, but it should allow for all guildmembers from all levels and skills to start and stay equal contributers. Now, one could get in to the details of how this equality needs to be uphold, but that isn't the main message of this suggestion.

There will be guildleaders and guildofficers. Guild crafters as a functional and senseable ingame design/title however is not always available. Meaning, guildcrafters are mostly lowkey not so much present in the hierarchy of things. To give a player this responsibility, could be a good thing. Again, the guild can progress without it just fine, it's just a feature that allows crafters to be given a unique position within "the council of that guild".

What it also does, it encourages interaction between guildies to work together in order to progress. But it does that in a way that each player can contribute on their own time (no gatherings are required per se). So as one player fills in their own play session, they could contribute towards the guild with these nuggets. They deposit them and the other player (guild chamberlain), can interact with the efforts of that player who just logged off. And so on.
In other scenarios, players can contribute through adventuring and crafting, but it remains a solo investment, in the sense other guildmember is required to be a part of your contribution.
And that is just fine by itself, like I said, this suggested feature is a side feature to the whole guildcontribution design. I'll try to recap in a summary.

Guildcontribution in general;
Mechanic: Direct contribution leads to direct progression

1) Solo action (1 guildmember action, no player to player interaction required)
2) Group action (a number of guildmembers work together and have a DIRECT contribution result, no other player interaction is required)
3) Raid action (a number of guildmembers work together and have a DIRECT contribution result, no other player interaction is required)

Suggested extra contribution feature;
Mechanic: Direct contribution leads to INdirect progression, Guildmember interaction is required in some form or shape.

1) Solo action (1 guildmember action)
2) Group action (a number of guildmembers work together)
3) Raid action with direct contribution. (a number of guildmembers work together)

Let me elaborate a bit more on the whole guildmember interaction thing.
Either the guildchamberlain is online and those nuggets can be traded directly with him. Or the member stores the nugget in a guild commodity. The chamberlain then can collect them at their own leisure. Still, it's a possible action triggered by the effort of other guildmembers. And the result will be progression of the guild, as a consequence of that first member (amongst others ofc).
Similar to having a raidleader or community officer to manage members behaviour and new recruits, promotions, you now have this crafter aspect added to this. So it stimulates interaction and/or interdepency between guildmembers. And promoting this kind of gameplay seems very desirable, so why not give it a go?

One could even go as far as to make this a kind of tec tree for guilds. Where guilds can do without this feature and progress just fine. But you can also choose to make use of this chamberlain system, where over time this system unlocks content relating to this feature and opens up different ways to progress the guild and stimulate grouping up and reaching out to guildmembers.
This could have in the long run it's own distinction. Meaning, when you join one guild and later on another, you might experience their different choice and progress with this guild tec tree. The guildmentality might be different (aka not every guild is a raidguild, so don't push everyone to raiding if they want to progress their guild). So from that perspective this tec tree option, allows for a different mentality to excist in the world. And this could mean that you'll have a big guild, that is oriented on raidfights, but also another big guild that is oriented around other means of guildcontribution (one of such thing might be this chamberlain design). This could allow players to remain in a guild that suits their time and gamestyle without the focus on "elitism".

@Trasak you mentioned the direct manner of guild tokens. That can be excisting initially, this chamberlain suggestion could become available after a certain amount of guildprogression is made. It's an option, so guilds can choose not to get into it. I get the value of this common design of earning guildtokens and directly selling stuff for the guild. I find it, not quite stimulating player to player interaction. So being able to trade, combine tokens or sorts with other guildmembers is just one way to encourage interaction within one guild no matter the size of the guild.
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You could even envision this chamberlain to go into more depth.
Every crafter can choose to engage in crafting content that is focusing on guildprogression. Earning those guildtokens you speak of.
Or they could earn those guild nuggets and pass them on to the guildchamberlain.
This could be a mainstream progression method for certain guilds that are not focusing on raids that heavily or don't raid at all. You can have of course a bit of both. So there is no hard line between the two.
For those guilds that really want to embrace this chamberlain system, they could and unlock unique content that way.
Meaning: they could invest as much time into content of this fashion, similar to the amount of time raiding guilds would invest into killing mobs.
It would definately give a different feel to how the guild and community within that guild is perceived.

This function would not be for everyone, I agree with you there. But that's the same with the function of raidleader of a guild or community officer or guildbanker. It's not for everyone and not everyone with be up for doing it. It's a function within that guild that is possible for those willing to show their commitment to the guild in this fashion. Tbh, This entire nugget system can be poored into one major design, where guildmembers work together and actively interact with each other in order to progress (be that through adventuring, questing or crafting). Certain officers might have access to ways to convert those nuggets into something productive for the guild (tokens, npc, content, amenities).

You mentioned in other threads, raidcontent for crafters. Where crafters group together to tackle a major challenge. This chamberlain system could still be leaning on this as well. A crafting raidsituation might require guildmembers to actively group up and craft simultaniously (similar to prov's cooking together to temporarly open up boosts for the community), at the end of the session, you could have a guild nugget of high value that can be converted into a nice guildboost. Of course you can earn direct guildprogression as well without the nugget. Similar to a raidleader, looting certain items from a chest that used for the guild in general, you'd have the chamberlain looting certain items.
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