Greetings from Oz


Hello all, I saw the forum post about this site, and I thought I'd take a quick visit ... Well, I ended up registering and the quick visit turned into a long one. Reading all this interesting stuff, not to mention your intros!

I love crafting - stating the bleeding obvious!

But my most favourite pastime in any MMO that I play in is simply - gathering & harvesting ... I find it particularly relaxing. My mains always end up just pure gatherers. While I run alts to craft stuff.

The shouts of glee ... mine Mine MINE ... can be off-putting if I'm with a group of people exploring (LOL). Yep, it's what I do. If you ever quest with me, then I will stop and collect that shiny and of course shout mine Mine MINE!

I will always sus out areas where the farming is good and I like to share that info too. Now that I've found this site ...


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Welcome to the community Koala :) Us primary crafter types promise to give you a fair price for your shinies :p


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Welcome to the site @Koala :). Gathering can be enjoyable if it is done right in a game but it also has the potential to be annoying. Hopefully, it'll be a fun and exciting experience in Pantheon. Being able to interact with any item in the world would help (for instance being able to cut down any tree or dig a mine in any likely looking piece of terrain (and then finding out there isn't any useful ore there and having to dig another mine when you have learnt what to look for).