Gear Variety


Do you believe the assortment of gear stats and status effect will be comprehensive or will the game follow a more standardized easily discernible path based on class/archetype? It seems like the artifact and climate systems may lessen the need for gear variety. In past titles players have had to make tradeoffs to attain certain gear-based stats, status effects & resistances or choose gear with higher primary stats.


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I think the devs intention is to make every stat matter to every class, as much as possible anyway. How that works out in practice remains to be seen, but the few comments they have made about itemization seem to reinforce that they want for there to be tradeoffs in equippable items - ie, do you take the item with more strength, or with more AC? That sort of thing.


Using Vanguard as an example, there were other more <<situational sats>> and effects to which I was referring such as a cloak with the see invisibility property. Players also could craft items with stealth detection or increased stealth/sneak. Those items however, had reduced primary stats such as dodge or strength scores requiring actual tradeoffs. Also, the climate system potentially could eliminate the need for specific elemental resistances to be gear-based.

I also play with some pretty weird folks who in past games crafted odd combinations of items to score server/world firsts on the armory page for their crafting characters. The more variety the more mats these guys can waste lol.


Situational gear consisting out of 'situational-appropriate' stats could be something to be found in Pantheon. How eventually it will turn out is everybodies guess for now. So all thoughts here are pure speculation ofc and subject to changes the dev's apply throughout the development of the game.

I expect to see different gear containing different stats. And a requirement for players to unequip and reequip certain items relating to the obstacle they are trying to get passed.
At least at the early stages, I don't expect that the dev's will allow for alterations of stats on gear. The stats you have on it, will have to do. Don't like it? Find a piece that suits you instead.
After X time, it might become possible to change stats on gear so that you can hold on to certain items.

They indeed mentioned there will be trade offs concerning gear choice and environmental or content related requirements/obstacles. Choices will have to be made, how much a crafter could influence all this, is yet to be seen.