Gathering ideas on what mini-game / puzzles should look and feel like.


I stumbled upon this video of Chronicles of Elyria.
It's a good brainstorm about how crafting can be. Or some elements that one can take on board to create an advanced crafting mechanic in a new mmorpg.

check out the entire stream or skip to 4.10 for example or skip to 5.05

The interesting idea behind this is, you're offering crafting in the form of player skills. And as you repeat and improve into certain skills (that translate directly into a craftingskill in game), you advance and things get more complicated as you progress.
I found this interesting because, it is not a platform of craftingskills or abilities. Where in other games, if you can manage crafting at level 5, you'll manage at level 90 because it's just the same principle and complexity. If you design craftingprogression in such a way that you can train your playerskill that fits certain craftingskills, a player can really evolve and shine compared to other players with different skills.
That craftingskills can be trained and will follow the pace of the players's growth, is something that really pulls you into the game.
I recently played some really simple game, something in lines of escape the maze. (where you needed to lift levers, shift boulders, melt solidified masses, bust open fractured windows etc.) This is another idea that you can integrate into an mmorpg, where you have an immens amount of levels and complexities. With room for expansions that give crafting even more depth. I'm not saying every craft should have this design. It could give one or two craftingtypes/styles more depth and diversity. So that you actually make crafting feel different for each craftingclass or even subclass.
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IMO, It seems like something that would be ideal for the first time you learned or completed a recipe or new visual style/effect (of the output item, where applicable), or maybe the first 1-3 times, or if/when you wanted to acquire or perform a bulk version of a recipe.


Thanks to @Leksur (and @Pantheonplus for the rankemvideo where leksur was the guest) for bringing this game to my attention.
I wanted to add this link to this thread. It gives an example of Cultivation and Apothecary.
What I wanted to point out as interesting, is the display while crafting. The display alters as you add in ingredients or when the crafting has commenced. I found these very simple displays that already add much more.
It's fun to watch and it drags you into the process of crafting. It's one way to give the player a more immersive feeling while crafting. It helps to give the player a sense of impact of their actions.
Also note that each craftsession of a different tradeskill renders a different background or set up. This also is another boon to offer players different experience with different crafts.

Cultivation: 2.29 ---- Apothecary: 4.53 ---- Talisman making: 14.33

It really points out that even these smalls things can add to a interactive and impactful experience.
This is just one of those things that can be considered when designing a minigame.
Also at least with Cultivation it seemed to hint that if you don't pay enough attention your craft could fail. Within that design it seemed to fit nicely and helped to keep the player focus on what they were doing.
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