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Would folks be interested in the future professions of farmer and rancher? They would seem a natural progression for the crafting community. Farmers could grow crops to assist various crafters. Cotton for outfitters. Hemp for paper for scribes. Trees for lumber workers. Ranchers could grow all sorts of animals for provisioners. Animals to skin for leather workers. Would you do it or is it likely to be too tedious?


The question here might be:
Do you consider those expansions features Extra craftclasses? New add on techniques? Or none at all but a stand alone feature..with implication towards resource production and output on the crafter's markets?
Another question might be, should these future professions be linked to a maincrafting class? Or would it be all open for all classes?


Could be interesting to combine with housing. Some folks would prefer an apartment in a bustling city. Some a nice cottage in the woods. Combined with housing though could some choose to obtain a farm, or a ranch? I'd imagine it would require additional land, and expense. Do the dark myr prefer aquaculture and farm fish using coastal, or underwater, "land"?

I suppose they would be stand alone professions. They might appeal to some that don't like current professions. I wouldn't make it so that you have to be a provisioner to be a wheat farmer. They would have to factor in their commodities among resources. Perhaps if included in the housing expansion farm textiles could be the preferred product for thatching roofs. Farmed trees would provide straighter wood, more often than "wild" wood, perfect for housing lumber. Farmed fish are particularly oily, perfect for water proofing sails. (They are launching player built boats with the housing expansion aren't they)?

While I'm at it. Aren't we crafters positioned perfectly to be the suppliers for underwater housing? Stone-masons for making glass or blocks. Alchemists coming up with the water impermeable membranes for sealing. Scribes for the spell that seals doorways from water intrusion? For us air breathers anyway. Undoubtedly the dark myr would be unimpressed with such necessities...
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Since we're thinking about this in the terms of it being a possible addition as an expansion of crafting, this could be something that the developers could keep in their back pocket to address concerns of having too much limitation in one job skill.

I'm conceptualizing it as instead of having farming be a separate job necessarily, it could be a hobby. Unless, one more to take on more of an industrial Farm I'm at which time it would need to replace a primary trade skill.

This would open up the opportunity for primary crafts to also be utilized in a hobby form (severely limited, but with some utility.)

@Chimerical , lol, what a great idea with the underwater hoes and aquaculture off the dark myr!