Delivery services

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How about a delivery system where one is able to retreive what ever they purchased locally or from areas far away from its current region.
For example someone in Thronefast is buying something in Wilds End, it takes 30 min's to "be delivered". A stablehouse or "postal service" is available where that person can interact with and accept its purchases.
When that same person is buying something from a player in Broken Maw, their purchase will take 1 hour for their package to arrive at the "postal service".

Buying locally will not have a fee or a very small one. With each distance increase the fees goes up with a reasonable amount. So if you're not willing to pay the fees, you'll have to travel closer or move to that very region.
If those fees are linked as a %'s of the actual item price, things get really interesting.
The idea is, to stimulate players moving from one region to another if they want specific items. (no one is restricting them to contact the seller and taking off the market on hold for that player.) Regional markets will offer local products and the term 'local' will actually mean something. As you will not as often see low price items from all over the world being sold in one location. Players from all levels will benefit from this, because being low level, you might not be able to travel as much, but your local market will be well supplied with local items that will things you'll need in this current environment.
Higher level players might have plenty of gear but are looking for those special things. They might have enough money to consider paying the increased fees and might choose to stay home. Others might venture over with plenty of community opportunities on the way.

It allows purchase all across Terminus, but it still keeps it locally as wel.

Delivery systems can be some kind of caravan system.. or just a mailbox poored into a nice suit of npc postmen. If you catch my drift. Give it some other flavour then just the mailbox if you're buying outside your region.

What do you say?
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