Crafting ideas

They said that you will be able to take items apart to salvage resources or components of items. and I was wondering if crafted items will have recipies that function like blueprints, instead of just combining random items to learn recipies. if there are recipies then maybe you should have the option of salvaging an item to learn its recipie? provided you have the skill to make the item. then you could sell the recipies to others. alternatively you could loot an item from a monster, then salvage it to learn how to make them.

Also I was wondering if crafting may play a big role in spells and skills, sort of how research could be used in everquest to craft spell scrolls. also will spell scrolls be able to be consumed in a way that would cast the spell, maybe if the spell was too high of a level to scribe. like a wizard using a scroll to cast fireball who was lower level.

I know that long ago in everquest there was a special lifetap spell that shadowknights could do a quest to obtain around level 50. ever since then I have wondered why aren't all spells quested in a way like this. pantheon devs said that spells and skills may need to be learned or quested from certain npcs that you will have to locate out in the world. I just hope they expand on that idea to force players to quest a majority if not all of their spells instead of going to a merchant and just buying the spell, or in the case of todays eq, going to pok where all the spells up to I think 85 are just waiting on merchants to be bought, many of them used to be only found on monsters such as in sebilis or quested with pop scrolls/runes.

Something that goes hand in hand with crafting is currency. in reality there is a set amount of copper, silver, and gold in existence in the real world. I think it might be interesting if the game had a set quantity of coins out there on npcs and monsters. so that over time it would make sense for the amount of currency dropped by monsters or available from npcs would go down over time. also maybe there should be a system that allows players to mine these metals and exchange the ores to npcs for coins of that type. or the ability to mint your own coins racial specific or guild specific, with standard weights and purity of course. its possible it may get to the point where some players might hoard silver and gold or platinum to the point where scarcity would force players to find other resources to use as currency to trade with. but even mining metals, over time areas should get depleted and return less resources when gathering.

does anyone else have other alternative ideas to suggest for crafting?


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In regards to your first point. I think that players might be able to get recipes from either drops from mobs or from quests as well as being able to find new ways to make things via experimentation. I'm a big fan of players being able to use multiple methods to find out how to make items via crafting. What that actually means in terms of Pantheon I have no idea because not enough information has been released yet but I certainly agree with you. There should be multiple methods allowing playing to find new craftable items.

As for spells and skills. I was thinking that the scribe profession would be similar to the old research trade skill that they had in EQ. It would allow people to make new spells. I think it would be even cooler if players could make new spells that hadn't been discovered yet via experimentation. Questing for spells also sounds exiting. I remember one of the Canni spells for the Shaman was quested as well and it was actually quite difficult so people were pleased when they got it. It certainly made collecting spells much more interesting.

It would be rather boring if all spells and skills were available just from merchants. If a player had to work for a specific spell or skill it could be made slightly better than spells found on merchants as a reward for taking the time to complete the quest or whatever.

Money is a big problem in MMOs I think. The more people play the more money they make and after a few years the prices on the economy just become crazy because people have so much spare money. Hopefully Pantheon will find a way to combat that problem. Although I'm not sure if your solution would work in the long run though.
Money going down because it's been most of the limited amount of ingame money is already been looted, seems discouraging to me. You'ld actually be 'punished' ingame for playing too much or having too many players on one server. That seems not something dev's want to cause.

Concerning money on the long run, I've given some feedback on the moneysink thread, how about keeping actual trading possible and the thread on guildfunds.