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I would like to see VR, implement crafting achievements in game. It is a good measure of your progress and you have a record of your achievements. We could have a subset for each profession. Unique achievements would be a really fun idea. Broken hammer achievement fail to properly forge an iron dagger 10 times.


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... Broken hammer achievement fail...

Yep! Why would "discovering" a map location be an achievement that gets spammed to the whole guild, but major events in crafting are not.

Keep crafting achievements visible frequently and it will help drive interest in obtaining them.

Rewards? yes please. all the better.
I'ld like to respond to this with another question.

Do you see these crafting achievements as a means to add 'fluff' to the crafting aspect of the game? (visual appeal, rankings, interplayer competition?)
Do you want that there is an ingame benefit of having these achievements? (factions, accessability, privileges?)
Should there be a direct 'cash-back' when reaching those achievements? (for example: I make 1000 bow, I earn the title bowyer completionist, I earn 10 rare wooden materials)

I agree with the aspect that class specific achievement (-titles?) would give the crafting class more dept. This in comparison to having general crafting achievements for all classes together. Generalisation here, would not add much to that player or tradeclass. Generalized achievements could work well for harvesters and explorers. Generalizing classes would in fact work backwards and it could level out any dept of the class differentiation-design instead of making them feel more unique.


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Good questions Barin99, The achievements would add more depth to the crafting experience, let me explain. In a lot of games including World of Warcraft many people "chase achievements" it is a matter of status etc, so many things players would never do, they go after for the achievement. So now players have another reason to delve deeper into the crafting profession then maybe they intended to in order to gain that achievement, and in doing so this player who took up crafting just to get a slight edge in pve because he did not have the money to buy better equipment etc, now has been pulled into the crafting world and we have obtained another dedicated crafter to the community.
Rewards for achievements, say you complete a certain set of achievements on your main, then perhaps your alts would not have to go through a paticular quest series for a crafting flag needed to craft a racial armor for instance, or your alts could skip the quest to unlock the ability to work with rare metals etc. The point is anything that pulls the player deeper into crafting to explore its many depths has the potential to increase the interest in crafting and make it a much bigger part of the game and thus more player demand so the system has a better chance of being more of a top priority for devs rather than being on the back burner and being neglected. PVE and Crafting should go hand in hand in any mmo and I beleive if done right it can help make Pantheon a titan success and bring many disillusioned players back to the genre.
I understand what you're aiming at here, @Autherial .
For the most part I would agree on the possible benefits of the implementation of this achievement 'system".
This would be a good addition later on in the game. It does not add much at launch during the first couple months or in the timespan of one year. But it would definately be something to add later on into the game. At launch or in early days of the game, players will already have plenty to fill their time with and explore.

My objection on your reply would be, NOT to grant short-cuts to alts after your main has achieved certain achievements. When you think about it, in a way, it undermines the whole idea of achievements. If you can skip it on another character. (What is then the value of that achievement on your alt if that alt has done little to nothing to get it? Can you call it "an achievement?")
The goal for the game with such a design would be that you'ld want to reach the achievements with all your toons. If that would occur, then your achievement-system or design is valueable and senseable. You as a player, should have the urge or the feeling of 'necessity' (I use to word carefully, not to be confused with obligatory). You'll want those achievements on that character, because it actually means something. It has value and status, it's not an easy thing to get, regardless if you have done it with another character before.

In fact, I would tweek your suggestion here, by amending the following: Instead of shortcuts, give your account (or the toons with that specific achievement) a bonus for reaching those hard earned achievements with multiple characters. This could be a consumable or a graphic/house item. For example from the top of my head: 1 crafter = items made within its masterclass are 1% more worth, 2 crafters= items made within its masterclass are 3% more worth, etc.Another bonus could be the more toons on your account that reached achievements X will grand you unique appearance gear/mounts/in- or out of combat/-crafting consumables/other showoff items (this ofc can have other bonuses or boosts)

Purely seen from a dev's perspective..the longer people actively play the game, the better for them. So they would not benefit from designing short-cuts to alts. In fact they would actually create a situation where a person needs less time ingame to reach a certain target. Which in turn causes the player to reach the boundaries of the game earlier then possibly designed/desired by the dev's themselves. Frustration, due to lack of content, could lead to abuse or drop outs and finally a exodus of the community.
This may sound very dramatic, but when you as a dev install short-cuts in your game.. this eventually be detrimental for their game. There is just no way back from it.