Crafter's Roundtable: What "fun" things would you like to craft in Pantheon?


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Happy Holidays everyone! Even though we're all busy with our families (or with our loot!) that's no reason not to have a Crafter’s Roundtable! In keeping with the holiday spirit however, today's topic is a bit lighter than usual. Check it out below!

The question:

It's holiday time, which in the real world means shopping, and traveling, and dealing with family, and boring holiday parties, and suspicious eggnog, and hoping that flu shot really worked this year. So let's escape from all that for a few minutes and think about something fun and silly - specifically, what fun or silly items would you like to be able to craft (and use) in Pantheon?

Here's what the members of our staff who could be located last week had to say. Check out their opinions, and then post your own below!

From Autherial:

Allow woodworkers to create custom signs, these signs would be used by players and guilds for any number of things. For every crafter I would like to make any type of cosmetic item, whether it be wings or a cool looking rucksack etc, this could be a general crafting profession all could do I think that would be really fun.

From Tragic:

I am not usually concerned with the silly things that can be obtained in a game; I like to have utility items that have some benefit to them. However, considering the topic of discussion I will do my best to contribute. First I would like to see crafters be able to create items that can be add-ons to armor to aid in their appearance. We could make custom dyes, guild emblems on cloaks, designs for armor and weapons to make your character look unique. Another thing I would like to see crafters make are festive items for all of the holidays. In most games, people buy all of their different holiday items from a vendor or doing a small quest, crafters, especially in the late game need a good source of income to keep their crafting going. This could be a way to maintain a solid economy while still having the festive gear that is to be provided by the game. While I am not a fan, some games do like to put in small pets and toys and there are people that just go nuts over these types of things. I am sure that there will be people like this in Pantheon so why not give them for their own gaming experience to be enhanced.

From Nephele:

Snowballs. You get a little bit of snow, pack it really good, and voila! Get a stack of them made and no one is safe.... muahaha.

In fact, I'm challenging ALL of you to a snowball fight in Thronefast after the game launches! Or, you know, water balloons, if it's summertime. Because sometimes we have to take a break from fighting monsters, solving ancient mysteries, and saving the world, and just do something silly and fun with everyone else :)

Happy holidays everyone! Feel free to tell us some of your fun ideas if you'd like!


We already have a thread concerning banners or other signature crafts, so I'll focus on the fluff and fun crafts in my reply.

I've enjoyed crafting seasonal items in other games.
As long as it is linked to seasons or festivities on Terminus itself (and not real life drafts), I'ld be ok with such recipes or items. So not too Disney for me, there is plenty of alternatives that could be fun as long as you think a bit further then pumpkins, santa claus, flying baby angles and leprechauns.

I can see festive dining and beverages, based on ingredients only found at a certain time on Terminus.
Magical anomalies could occur in a returning sequence and create some sort of magical filled bubble. This could allow for all kinds of creatures or resources. Limited to that bubble of course. This would be difficult to keep from being instanced though.

I could see towns celebrating an equinox or when several moons/stars/suns align.
Ornaments relating to stars, moons or other celestial bodies or spirits could be made. For example special wardrobes, clothing, hats, shoes. Ribbons or flagpoles.
Heroes or other historical events: wars, peacetimes, kings, emperors, prophets, oracles… could be celebrated.
Depictions of these historical elements could be made in canvaspaintings, wallpaintings, sculptors, books/tomes, cards.

Entire towns could be painted in vibrant colours to celebrate the dead or the remaining victors etc. This will allow for different colours dyes, fabrics, ceremonial weapons/shields.

Dance could be a thing as wel, where players need an outfit according to the occasion. One could even go as far as to make different "dance"outfits depending on the race you're playing or the town you are in. Or both combined. This again opens up recipes and items for tailors, woodworkers, weaponsmiths, armorer...

Celebration of water elements could require fire and wooden constructions that one can set afloat on rivers, lakes, oceans. Same with wind, Flags, Banners, flagpoles, (kites?), could be made to celebrate.

With all occasions candles could be made, incense, special fires. Perhaps with different coloured flames (it is fantasy after all). Paper images or constructions could be made to place or wear as a way of showing your participation of that event. Metallic or shiny objects could be made, special rings worn or enlarged jewelry being made to place or carry.

Flower arrangements, larger wooden constructions, temporary shrines, glass ornaments or laterns could be attached to a backpack to display that you're joining in with the festivities. Flashbombs with different colours/effects could be a thing.

Then of course we have the masks, (please think outside the box here). Masks relating to actual ingame Lore characters or beasts. Gods, demi-gods, ancestral beings, monsters, foes, etc. Masks can be made out of wood, paper, fabric (combined with a hat?), metal or even a smokey-spell?. Paint could be used to wear on the body or head for temporary use. As a way to show you are relating to the occuring event. Dyes would have to be made, brushes or other tools to apply these paints on characters.

Tents could be specially made for celebrations. Actual stages where players can stand on.

I fear, I could go on for quite some time.