Crafters Roundtable: Dropped and one-shot recipes


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Hi everyone! As it's a new week, I thought I would start up a new roundtable discussion.

This past weekend, I've been thinking about dropped recipes - and whether I like them or I don't. There always seems to be that one recipe you really want that you can't seem to find, or that people are selling for way too much for you to be able to afford. This is especially the case when it's a one-shot recipe, meaning you can only make one item and then you have to get the recipe again if you want to make another.

For Pantheon, how do you all feel about these concepts? Should there be dropped recipes? If so, how should they be obtained? Should some of the better dropped recipes (maybe the raid-level ones) be one-shot recipes?


I like the idea of dropped recipes, as long as it's one of numerous methods of obtaining recipes. Simpler recipes could be as easy as coming across a recipe book while scrounging through an abandoned cabin. Rogues could pilfer a recipe. I think you almost have to reward the raider, that also tradeskills, with a rare highly sought after recipe. I'm not much of a raider myself, but the right recipe might get me to participate. I'd rather buy/learn from a raider though, assuming recipe is tradeable...

As for one-shot, not the recipe, but perhaps difficult to obtain ingredients. Why would you continuously forget how to make something you've already made?

I have a question. What do you think about the originator of a recipe retaining, what I'll call, "personal mastery"? Others can learn the recipe but never master it quite as well as you! Your recipe for fried snakemeat gives +10 poison resistance, but the best subsequent chefs can make yields +9. Your personal touch, or nuance in making the dish, makes yours slightly more sought after. You can't do this for all recipes, but it would add a touch of spice (bad pun intended) to the occasional recipe, and give tradeskillers incentive to be creative...

Overall I'd like to see recipes obtained in many ways, from npc's, quests, trial and error with ingredients, perception, raids...


Dropped recipes should be rare and far in between. Or they would lose their value as the marketprice will go down due to the amount of them on sale. Also the achievement and the uniqueness of getting such recipes falls to nothing when there are loads of people having that recipe as well. The player looting it should feel proud of having it on sale or having it scribed. Let's keep them pricy, let's keep them valuable!

Personally, I rather see descriptions/parts of recipes being dropped. So that it's not just a one time deal. Collect all parts in various regions or from various tribes, then go to a scribe to translate and complete it. If I've translated a korean recipe to english using a translator and having it written down into my personalized entitled (korean dishes) cookbook by a bookshop cleric. It will mean so much more to me, then when I copy past the korean recipe into my gathered pages and can make the dish directly. And in case of housing systems, I'll be able to show off my korean cookbook as well.

I also favour the idea of having the resources be the most difficult thing to gather. It can be that I'll have to wait until player x has killed certain mobs and the ingrediënt comes from there, or if i venture out in the wild and seek to harvest it from local flora and fauna myself.