Crafter's Roundtable: Cultural Cuisine


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This weekend a bunch of people in the US are either grilling out or eating out. So in honor of that, here is a food-themed Crafter's Roundtable!

Should the races of Terminus have distinctly different cooking, and if so, what style of food (in real world terms) might make the most sense for them?

There's no wrong answer here, so have fun with it and tell us what you think would work best for your favorite race!.... or even for all of them!

And while you're at it, either cook something awesome or go out to eat something awesome this weekend. Because food isn't something we should take for granted :)

(Note from Nephele: For the summer, we're switching back to the older roundtable format where we just post the questions directly, rather than gathering staff comments first and posting it all together. We hope everyone will still take time to voice their thoughts in each roundtable that we post however!)


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The three races that I would invite to my memorial day celebration would be humans (of course), halflings (better prepare LOTS of food, and Archai (who are famed for enjoying both celebration and battle equally)!

Most certainly, the hotdogs would be the overall favorate of my guests, followed closely by hamburgers and beer. They should have chips and sour cream dip, potatoe salad, sliced fruit, and the obligatory vegetable crudite (that nobody would touch).

Do you think halflings and Archai will enjoy the pool? Do you think I will have to clean out the pool after? Eewwwwww


I think most players would agree that ingredients and dishes aren't expected to be same on a global scale. What we know of harvesting resources, they will be spread out and geographically coherent.
So with that in mind, I expect recipes and dishes to differ on a regional/racial level. Perhaps not all recipes but at least a portion thereof.

What I am hoping for is that the manner of preparation will define the racial focus of dishes. Since we don't know how the crafting (here cookingprocess) will look like, it's all still whishfull thinking.

I'll try to explain shortly and with more time at hand I'll try to focus on races themselves.
Cooking or preparing dishes has different steps, similar to other crafting processes.
Preparing vegetables, crushes herbs, tenderizing meat, steaming leafs, baking to get a crust, mixing herbs or oils to make a sauce etc.
Where races could differ is in where the focus lies within that cooking process. Perhaps races living in the deep forests will just make shish kebab. So the focus here would be to slice or tear the ingredients, put them on sticks and roast above a fire for X time. Those that live in toxic areas might have their focus on extracting liquids from their ingredients somewhere during the cooking process. Others might heavely rely on using herbs to season the plain tastes of seasfood.
It's convenient to quickly think about the known recipes that are in the human world and paste them onto races based on the stereotypical knowledge of certain familiar races.
At this time, I need to refresh my knowledge of the lore of the races if I want to stick some examples of dishes to certain races.

My thoughts for now are, if all cooking level 2 takes 5 minutes, then the portion of time spend in certain steps of the cookingprocess could differ depending on the region/race. Some might need more time and focus earlier on the process while others might be required to invest most of the 5 minutes at the end of the cookingprocess.
The plausability of this occurring in the game will obviously depend on the design of crafting and the different crafting techniques and design.

Since my brainstorm went a little overboard, I'll put it into different reply.
Be warned it is a 2 page wall of text.
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If food is seen as a general feature and all races produce food and drink in similar fashion, the regional resources will have to define any racial recipes. Perhaps those products can only been consumed by characters of said race?

If food however boosts up the stats when consuming it. The racial recipes might offer something more. This could go two ways; either they boost the primary stat of that certain race (if there are racial stats at all..?) or they could boost certain stats for a broader audience (being the other races as well). Like I’ve mentioned in another thread: regional foods can offer boosts to mitigate environmental issues the ingredients originate from. This might be seen more as an ecological thing rather than a racial feature.

1) Halflings: Seeing they mostly live in and among trees in proximity of mountainous regions. I see them eating all sorts of eggs, flowers, smaller game, mushrooms. With their main focus going to mixtures of flowers, eggs and birds. And did I already mention they eat insects?

2) Skar: A lot of meat, since they are cannibalistic in nature. Perhaps more in the pure form of cooking. Such as raw meats, bones, bone dust. But also foods in all stages of decay. Similar to how we have come accustomed to eating moulded cheese. The Skar could eat degenerating meats, vegetables, herbs. Cold stews and mixtures. I’m not saying that the main focus lays on them eating rotten stuff. Rather they have found ways to “season” their food by different ways of stocking them or preserving them. Food that has gone too far however, they might discard in nature, hence they are “intoxicating/polluting” the nature around them.

3) Gnome: Since they had to give up their fleshy bodies, consumption of food could have taken a different turn for them. Perhaps they extract or consume energy (food/drink) from steaming, cooking, boiling up all kinds of resources. And by inhaling the fumes or damp/moisture, they take in the ‘food’. This style of cooking could be applied to a whole variety of natural resources. Where I see a special link is to the recipes that call for minerals. For example, certain minerals on Terminus could be used in food/drink recipes. And this ties into the first link towards the other races, namely Archai. The demand for minerals for gnome cooking could be one of the things that made contact with the Archai traders. Since they also are partly made off and possibly require minerals as well. Another idea might be some sort of radiation as means of consumption, so they would make resources radiate energy and from this state the gnomes might be able to “eat or drink” the energy by absorbing the manipulated –radiating foods or drinks.

4) Archai: Since they are partly elemental nature themselves, at least after their True Birth. I see a lot of option for alchemy to be a part of the cooking recipes. With their bigger build, comes the possibility of them hunting bigger game. So it could be a combination of meats and other body parts coming from more dangerous animals, that makes them stand out. Aside of the obvious part, where they perhaps use different kinds of minerals, (coloured?) fires, fumes, steaming processes, perhaps even infusions using all sorts of natural elements. These things could be sufficient to make them stand out when looking at racial recipes.

5) Humans: With their naval background, humans could have the biggest array of recipes and usage of resources. They could use all sorts of herbs, common medium-sized game, plants from all across the globe. What could make them stand out is that perhaps their style of cooking is (although very similar to the real world) actually simply unique when comparing to the other races. With humans you might not find the option to infuse, produce nurturing steam, decaying food. Humans instead might be the only race on Terminus that actually cooks, fries, roasts their food like we know best in the real world. It’s due to their naval history that their style has been partly taken over by other races, partly taken over but not imbedded into the root of other races’ cooking or their recipes. Considering their current location of their main home, I’d see mountainous resources combined with aquatic resources to be their prime flows of ingredients and their oldest racial recipes.

6) Ogres: The size and ferocity of this races allows them to tackle the biggest game of all the known races on Terminus. What is most noticeable is the sheer size of their ingredients. Large pieces of flesh or plant are put into their cooking processes. The time it takes for their food to be prepared might be the longest one of all races, purely because the portions they aim to cook are of such huge size. I could see them tearing flesh or vegetable of a bigger clump of food during their travels. Perhaps various preserving foods/drinks methods are known to Ogres. They could pickle their foods, or use sugar, salt or other natural occurring resources in Terminus to prolong the quality of their food and drinks. This could very well be their uniqueness when it comes to cooking. Their food would have a strong taste, that other races possibly could not get a pallet for. I see a lot of potential in dried ingredients, this based on where they are currently residing.

7) Dwarves: The existence of this race is linked very much to mountains and the various geological resources it contains. Made out of ice and stone, they are bound to have a very distinct cooking and drinking style. Their flavours might be sharper than most other races are accustomed to. Because they can manipulate ice and stone, the dwarves might use this knowledge to be apply it onto consumables resources in their region. They too might use minerals during their cooking, crunching, crumbling it. These resources might be too large to be consumed by other races without any discomfort in their mouths. This usage of rock or harder minerals could be unique to the dwarves. For example, meats or casserole dishes could hold larger chunks of hard ingredients. Others might define as uncookable or not meant to be eaten. Dwarves would have no problem to add them into their favourite dishes. Snow, ice or other frozen resources might be used during their cooking or brewing of drinks. In fact entire frozen meals might be just the thing for dwarves. Where they might brew up a drink and in fact, freeze it so that the only way to consume the frozen drink is to break part off and eat them. Dwarven-made containers might allow them to take these frozen drinks with them during their travels. Other race’s stomach might turn up side turn when trying to consume this frozen beverages. I see a lot of dark drinks and perhaps fungi being a few major traits of dwarven dining.

8) Elves: Being one of the older races, their food choice might be more delicate as they (as time passed) found ways to perfect or otherwise work towards resources to their preferred taste. So in those lines, I would think about soaking roots to extract a draft to season another resource. Roots, bark, leafs would be commonly used during their cooking processes. Looking at their history of coming back from a defeat, they could be more flexible in their diet. So they would not be the vegetarians, various game: land, aerial and aquatic could be part of their resources. Their knowledge of herbology is very distinct compared to the newer races.

9) Dark Myr: Mostly resources found within the sea, being fish but perhaps also other “aquatic wildlife” would be signature to their dishes. Aside of that, certain fruits or crops could be harvested by the dark myr, similar to we eating peaches, there might be underground stony plants that have a consumable exterior. Many sea floor critters could be another part of their diet. Beverages could be a bit more challenging, I would think of certain plants that actually soaked up drafts. Similar to a sponge sucking up moisture, the Dark Myr could use this technique to produce a variety of beverages and carry them along on their travels.

I'd appreciate your feedback on my suggestions, there are of course no wrong answers or replies here.