Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting, Atmospheres, and Artifacts


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It's time once again for a Crafter's Roundtable, where we ask a crafting-related question designed to get the Pantheon Community talking! To help kick things off, we've asked some of the Pantheon Crafters staff to submit their opinions on the topic ahead of time.

The Question:

In the February newsletter we learned a bit more about how VR envisions Atmospheres working, and how artifacts might be used to help players function within an atmosphere. It's important to note that while some atmospheres, like Gloom, seem centered on affecting players' stats, others, like Frenetic Floor, seem like they will apply effects that change the way movement or combat works entirely. With all of that in mind, how do you feel that crafting should work with this system? Should crafters be able to make items and equipment that can function like lesser version of artifacts? What about consumables to help mitigate the effects of Atmospheres? Or, should this solely be the province of Artifacts that people have to obtain through adventuring?

Here's what our commentators had to say on the topic. Give it a read, and then tell us your own thoughts in a reply!

Trasak said:

To some degree I hope that the effect of artifacts are only a partial counter to the atmosphere and climate. The atmosphere system is so interesting to me that I feel it would be a shame to negate it once you get your hands on the right McGuffin. On top of that having a chunk of your limited slot inventory filled with your environmental artifacts is a waste of multiple systems. Rather than have artifacts be an always on object I think they would operate better as a special form of consumable that need to be saved for the right moment.

Crafting I think has a great opportunity to be the source of both the consumable artifacts and partial resistances added to dropped or crafted items. Again not to the point of negating the effects of environment entirely but to close the gap between standard power levels and the modified environmental effect. (Yes this could include attaching a small spring powered cooling fan to the back of a breastplate to counter the effects of extreme heat.)

Khaleesi said:

From the twitch stream showing us the first reveal of an atmosphere, I think that the atmospheres will always pose a significant struggle. I'm stoked for craftswomen and craftsmen to be able to provide some assistance for these zones ... but I'm also really looking forward (to the struggle?) of working on figuring out how to get our party successfully through.

Artifacts, I'll assume, will be epic, heroic, rare things that help with an individual area - and if more common, may be more like a "key" to get through into an otherwise inaccessible space. The devs have provided this concept of more dangerous / high level / locked areas being so close, but so far away - like an otherwise un-climbable area right near a starting city. I'd wager atmospheres would be one mechanism by which they would plan this type of situation.

If we are able to craft items with the utility of an artifact, I'd expect it would be a consumable item that may or may not work as well.

Nephele said:

This is a hard question for me to really answer, because I think that the answer actually depends on the atmosphere in question and how often you see it in the game. For example, if you only see Gloom happening in certain very special locations, it doesn't make sense to me that crafters should be able to make items that help players in those areas. That's generally because the value of the Bone-woven Veil is tied to those very few locations where it's actually needed. If there's a crafted alternative, even if that crafted alternative is less effective, it reduces the value of the actual Artifact.

On the other hand, if Gloom happens in many places, and if the "anti-gloom potions" that crafters can make only really serve to take the edge off of Gloom's effects, but don't stop it entirely - then, the Bone-Woven Veil is still a very desirable thing for players to get.

So, my answer depends. I think for each Atmosphere (or Artifact) that can exist, we should look at the following:
- Does it make sense that crafters could make a less effective countermeasure to the atmosphere, or version of the artifact?
- How much actual need exists for the item(s) in question? Is it just one place in the world where they're needed, or are there lots of places?
- How easy or hard is it to actually obtain the similar Artifact? If there's an easy quest on every continent where players can pick up the Skyhold Grappler, is there really a point to having a lesser crafted version of the same item?

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see crafters participating in this system, when it makes sense for them to do so. For example, allowing alchemists to make consumables that counteract atmospheres like Gloom seems like it would be tremendous for that profession. But, it really just depends on all the other factors as to whether that's really right for the game or not.

Those are our thoughts on this topic! Now let us know what you think!

As a bonus question (and one that we didn't ask our staff first), should there be crafting-related Artifacts?


This seems very much in line with their suggested idea of Glyphs.
When climate sets are an interface option in the game, climate artifacts could be useful there as wel.
Nodging @Nephele ; one could put that veil in the hood-slot of the climate set. And the artifact could be placed in the cloak/charm slot.
Let's hope the effects of the climates are as dramatic so that you'll never be able to cope with it 100 %. And the climate's effects will still have a degree of "negative?" effect on the character.

Usually the subject of climate and mitigation is placed in a content where groups are traveling into the world.
However, artifacts can be required within the bounderaries of a settlement as wel. This could call for a demand of artifact constructions to sustain the quality of life within that settlement, and to prevent the climate from fully covering/destroying the settlement. This could be an ongoing thing or a one-time only thing. In either case it would require crafters to supply and crafts artifacts. And possibly place them down into the world. OR The other way around, that it's required to mitigate the "bad" influence of the settlement on the local climate (things getting too hot or too poisonous)

Certain civilisations could have specific artifacts build to "guide" climatic effects or influence it in some fashion to the benefit of all who dwell there. These unique adaptations could be considered artifacts. With some questline or faction requirement, crafters might get their hands on these plans or skilles. And with those they might try to simulate it in other parts of Terminus. Or even on small scale within their home. (Decorative value or other (depending how far your imagination stredges)).

Artifacts could be precious forms of unique cultural heritage. If crafters get their hands on it somehow, they might be able to duplicate it or open up derivative constructions/products. This could open up smaller climative buffers that are derived from racial-/ lore-related backgroundstories. It will add depth to the world and the items within them. The core of this suggestion is that it's actual has a backstory to the item, not just a random recipe. When you encounter it, you'll know it's from the Skar fore example. Just by looking at the similarity of the item with the cultural depictions of the Skar in their culture in general.

One scenario would be to unlock an area. But in order to do that, you need crafters to alter several climatic influences in the area around it. So first up they need to absorb the fumes streaming into the valley. Second they need to dry out the moist in the area to stop new fumes from forming. Third they might need to build some kind of aquaduct to redirect a stream of toxic water. This dries out the bedding of the stream further down and allows players to acces a new zone. (Any combination is possible here ofc). Point here is, try thinking of a large use of artifacts beyond the commonly known charm/jewelry slot items or secondary items.

Artifacts as a rarity should be just that. A rarity. Out of 100 players only 5 will have them. The others will look towards crafters to construct something similar that has a lesser effect or the opposite: boosts the character so much the can withstand a full blast of the climate's effect. (to a certain degree ofc @Trasak ).
Should crafters be able to make artifacts themselves? I'ld say no, or make it one-time only recipes and no-trade. (aka severely restrict it). As mentioned by others, it will undermine the value of an artifact if it becomes common good. Artifacts should remain a true treasure. Something very proud to walk around with. Hard won.
If an artifacts could be crafted, I'ld see it more as a small effect that will be replaced over time. Question here, should you consider it as an artifact or more as a prop?

There is plenty of creativity available to unroll a questline for artifacts that are for Crafters only to use.
Like we discussed elsewhere, climates could put requirements on crafting within those climates as wel. Crafter-artifacts could be a key to being able to craft there. There could be entire cults, crafting alliences, witchdoctors, druids,...that have spent ages on finding ways to mitigate climatic influences on crafting outcomes. These might not require killing mobs at all, but rather discovering, puzzlesolving, factions, harvesting, scavanging etc. If I'm permitted this outburst: Heck!! It could even require a full group of crafters to reach that sought after Artifact/npc/recipe/technique.


I think one of the things I hoped for was to see items that are there to help provide a need, but that need replacing, so the need is there for everyone, always at some point. Hence crafting becomes worth doing even if just for money when seeing those items.

So have a item that can help eleviate SOME of the effects, but the amount of time they are used in that area, starts to weaken them down and finally break.

There could be a specific item for each type, or multiples, like maybe tailoring makes a bandana to help breathe better in one area, but another profession has something similar also.

With that in mind not every profession needs to have something to cover all types of effects. One or two overlap isn't too bad.


With that in mind not every profession needs to have something to cover all types of effects. One or two overlap isn't too bad.
You touch something interesting there. Should crafters or any artifact for that matter, be able to counter all climatical influences?
Perhaps it would be ideal if artifacts and crafter-build mitigating-products would work only on one effect at a time.
This would mean that the player will need to decide which climate effect they are willing to endure more then the other (in the case of multiple detrimental effects ofc).
In this scenario a player would have an artifact to counter 1 effect, glyphs to counter another effect, or a collection of all different kind of countering glyphs that ward the player against many things but only weakly.

I would agree in saying that not every crafter should be able to make these mitigating "artifacts". All part of decision making and stimulating community interaction. Crafters that can not produce these things, might be able to offer something else that is uniquely for them.