Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Expansions


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For today's Crafter's Roundtable, let's think forward a little bit. It's a given that eventually, Pantheon will receive an expansion that will add new areas to explore, possibly even new types of gameplay, and just maybe, increase the level cap of the game (though hopefully not every expansion).

With that in mind, what are your thoughts on how Pantheon should handle crafting and gathering when it comes to expansions?

(Note from Nephele: For the summer, we're switching back to the older roundtable format where we just post the questions directly, rather than gathering staff comments first and posting it all together. We hope everyone will still take time to voice their thoughts in each roundtable that we post however!)


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Horizontal Progression!

In all seriousness though in a game with persistent items and no minimum level on items I really do not see the point in ever raising the crafting level cap or even how that would help. What expansions could provide to the base crafting is more options and greater depth.

For game launch practicality reasons I would be ok with Crafting only starting out at a very basic tier with very few options within the template system. Initially there could be only bronze, iron and steel for smithing and no fancy alloys. The slots would be there for the option of using different skills to process the crafting but the game only really launches with one skill available for each processes. The number and variations of graphical and magical variations could also be very limited, likely the game world as a whole will be a little limited at launch.

With each new expansion new materials (which need to be trained individually), crafting techniques (that need to be learned and then practiced) and art styles (which need to be studied and reverse engineered/salvaged) could be introduced to the crafting systems. As long as the initial template is flexible enough and crafting fits in the global itemization effectively then increasing the cap will not be needed.

I am leaning more and more to the idea that there should not be crafting class levels at all. Each crafting class will have a list of templates, techniques and knowledges. The crafting title you have (Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, Grandmaster) will have a rank requirement for the highest X entry’s for each of the lists as well as a specific crafting quest which is really only achievable if you have the ranks already. New expansions will just lengthen those lists as well as create more situationally valuable outputs.

New expansions could also introduce new base templates. These templates are basically individual mini games that produce a style of item. The games themselves can draw from many of the same scripts and art objects but in a unique order with its own UI. New global itemization can easily be handled by using these templates and the point buy system that crafting items are based on to keep the game balanced and prevent Mudflation.


Expansions could not only be seen as ...what's new and unexplored.
Especially when it comes to crafting, I feel that many games forget about an important option.
Something that might not require as much brainstorming and innovativity from the devs.

I'ld like to see the initial game having different crafting cultures.
So you'd have distinct items specific to regions and races.

This process is actually shown to us in our every day lives and the history of humans and nature throughout the ages.
Somehow however, expansion in a game is usually seen as..let's create something that is not already there, a new race, a new region, a new craft.

As expansions come along, these cultures might get entwined more and more. Resulting in items/recipes that combine different cultures. This can be very subtle and very gradually become very complex. A simple example would be excisting food that has a slight stat increase on them when a halfling made it at a specific craftingunit aligned to another race.
It makes sense to me that as players travel back and forth and races start to run across Terminus more and more, you'd have that influence of those races leaving an impression on the regions they pass on their travels.

Depth could be an expansion for crafters. In the sense of what happens when different races meet and learn from each other.

New tradecompanies can arise, secret societies that only allow race x and y or profession x and y.

Economic warfare could be a thing. This could result in certain nodes/resources/regions becoming unharvestable (temporarly) or have the condition becoming increasingly difficult to harvest there. This could be remedied by a crafter sigline or other crafter content.

Like mentioned before, certain races could influence specific "harvest hotspots", this influence could be perceived as good or bad depending on what race you are. And with that, you'll experience this change at that hotspot in a different way. And thus quests and such would be offered and found differently depending on your standing with the events there. (If that makes sense?) The influence would ofc be a design choice. So the expansion for crafter might concern itself about the outskirts of ogre town that have shifted in some fashion. This attracts crafters to gain from this change and crafters that want to compete this change.

All these are potential options for expansion, beyond the skope of new recipes and build-on gear increases and new resource new stat- crafting content. Which have their own value in another expansion of course.