Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Climates


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Yup, it's time for another Crafter's Roundtable, where we ask all of you for your thoughts on something that will be important for Pantheon! Just like always, to help get discussion started, we ask some of the Pantheon Crafters staff to contribute their thoughts to start us off. Take a look at what we said, and then tell us your own thoughts in a reply.

Here's the Question:

We know that the weather and climate is going to matter in Pantheon. If you're in a very hot or very cold area, like a desert or a snowy mountain peak, there will be an acclimation system that governs how well your character is able to operate in that environment. How do you see crafting working with the acclimation system and with weather/climate effects in general?

Here's what our staff writers at the Pantheon Crafters website had to say. Take a look, and then let us know what you think:

Autherial said:

In all honesty I don't think the climate system will impact crafting at all, that would make the crafting system too complex. All-tho perhaps later after maybe a year or so they could begin to implement little features tied to the climate.

Khaleesi said:

AH - Climates! I can't WAIT to see how these will interact with the crafting and mechanics of the game. This is supposed to be brief, so I'll try to make sections short.

We can take breaks from the forage, loom, and oven to relax on the beach, ride through the fog, or even hike in the snowy mountains!

On the contrary @Autherial, the climate system is a challenge. What better means to face that challenge than by going into it prepared?

In the frigid climate:
  • We may need campfires to keep us warm. I'll bet a woodworker will be able to help us, and maybe have a market for some of the scrap produced from other projects.
  • We certainly will need warm cloths. I might just want a pair of orc-skin boots to keep my feet dry. I think climates will be an outfitter's specialty! - especially cold.
Scorching climate:
  • tricky.
  • maybe a stonemason can create plate-like mineral containing shielding to help us traverse the sands.
Toxic climate:
  • My bet is on the alchemist. I would sure like to know a good one.
  • We will need some excellent hearty elixir to pass through, and to cure the disease that we come into contact with.
  • If anybody understands pressure, it must be the blacksmith. Heat and pressure are key in her field.
  • will be need metal suits that look like some old divers would wear?
  • This seems medical and to me, but I don't know if a strong drink will do the trick.
  • I think this will need strong magic, maybe from a talented scribe who can teach us to use no air at all.
Wind shear
  • This will require some intestinal fortitude. LOL, i'm out of ideas for this one.
  • Well, if I can't fight the wind with a strong drink, maybe a pot of chili will be enough to fight wind with wind ... so to speak ;)
And apart from climates, there will also be smaller areas of climate like effect (I forget the name) and there will be mana aura climates! So many possibilities!!!

Trasak said:

I can see two ways the climate system could affect crafting in Pantheon:
  • Adverse climates could make concentration difficult and therefore make it harder to succeed at crafting mini-games. The answer to this will be in getting crafting gear that is also intended to help offset climates or find other ways to acclimate yourself to them. This will specifically be important for crafting workstations out in the wild that allow for unique recipes.
  • Crafting outcomes affected by local climate or limited to specific climate conditions. This would add yet again another layer of complexity to the crafting system. Hides could tan faster in a desert then in a jungle. Frost wine is easier to make in the wintery mountains. Certain metals may require very high ambient temperature to even work the metal. Mithril forged weapons made on a full moon will have a bonus to kill Lycans. There are lots of possible options based on the climates and the complexity of the crafting system. This kind of complexity would be much easier to add if the basic assembly recipe results were more a summation of the ingredients then their own specific stats.

Nephele said:

So, admittedly, when I started thinking about this question, my thoughts went straight to all the situational gear that players are going to need/want to deal with climates, and how crafters could make all of that stuff. I'm all for situational gear in that regard, and climates add a new dimension to situational gear. Let us make cold-weather gear, hot-weather gear, wet-weather gear, gnomish rebreathers for those underwater adventures - yes, please!

But, I will confess that Khaleesi's response got me started thinking about how crafting itself could actually function in an extreme climate - and this isn't something I had really thought about before. Just as adventurers have to operate in these conditions, shouldn't crafters as well? We can't always be safe and snug in the relative comfort of our temperate crafting area after all. Plus, I'm a firm advocate for getting crafters out into the world - so maybe the solution here is special crafting areas. Want to use the ancient dwarven forge at the Khadassa summit? You can, but I hope you're ready for the wind chill and the raging blizzard. Want to make a bow from a limb of Atropos wood, the legendary wood? There's only one place with the right conditions to shape that wood properly, and that's in the heart of the Clouded Forest (a place I just made up that's very hot and wet). And so on.

I could probably sit here all day and come up with dozens of different ideas for special crafting areas in places with extreme or unusual climates - but let me instead just say: Yes, let's have those. Make me get up and get out of my normal crafting area and go out into the world and brave these conditions to craft those amazing items. Don't get me wrong, I should still have to somehow get my hands on the recipe, and on the resources needed - none of that should be easy either. But then to make the thing? That should be an adventure too.

Now it's time to hear all of your thoughts. How should the crafting sphere intersect with the Climate system in Pantheon?


Climates are a big thing for Pantheon and I'm a firm believer that it's very closely linked to crafting. Yes there will be lootable things that have similar effects. But I see players looking to crafters if they want a mitigating set before they set out to travel certain regions.

What is known, is that players might look for crafters to change some gear or stats to their liking. Combine this with climate requirements and one can not ignore the importance of the role a crafter might have in this design. It will be up to the crafter to explore how far and advanced they can make climate-gear. If it's a basic set and nothing beyond, the usefulness of those crafters will quickly evaporate. If there are different stages and more advanced recipes, things could remain interesting.

I'ld like to add in @Khaleesi 's suggestion;
Overall I see three manners on how different climates can influence crafting:
  1. Crafting within climates requires resources and tools from within that climate.
  2. Crafting climate specific recipes that mitigate that certain climate.
  3. Climates could have certain local recipes that can produced with foreign resources. (see example below)

Items might need to be produced to safeguard the quality of foreign materials.
For example: I might need to coat the berries I've harvested at Wild's End if I want to use them at a stove in the "Frostmountains".
So in this situation the Frost-recipe calls for common goods from a foreign climate. In order to use it, the resource must be 'altered/adapted' to the current Frost climate. When, in this case, the berries are coated, the Frost-recipe can be continued.

One does not exclude the other. It allows different kind of trade opportunities, exclusiveness and common trade as wel.

@Khaleesi Aside from simple climates, there could be combinations of different climates.

@Trasak Although I like your second point. It might seem a bit too far or too complex to impliment this. Still it's a nice thing to consider.
Perhaps a slight adjustment might be within reach for the dev's.
If one crafts at a climate specific craftstation or with climate specific tools, the end product gets a boost in line of the climate it should mitigate against. Example: I'm using a cooled smithie's hammer during my smithing session at a forge in a vulcano. The end product gives me +2 heat mitigation. This instead of the common +1 if I used regular tongues.

If I'm not mistaking they already released some feedback concerning locally found and produced goods and resources. So that leads me to expect climate specific recipes with local unique resources.
The suggestion that there could be climate specific tools and craft stations would add to that nicely.

One question I still have though. Will climates shift/change? For example it can be -30 at Frostmountain. So you build a kit to mitigate that and move on. But will it be possible that it becomes -40 at Frostmountain? Or the other way around, it becomes -10? This could keep the crafters and players traversing that mountain on their toes. If they want to max out their stats ofc.


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I agree the second idea is way too complex to put in for launch but it would be very interesting if it could be balanced, mostly. Most of those unique bonuses would have hidden triggers that the players would need to discover over time with the possibility of multiple bonuses showing up at the same time if you happen to satisfy all of them.