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Craft Any Item - A discussion of the possibility of allowing crafters to make any item

In most games crafters have a set of recipes that they can make. This is static and doesn’t often change. The only time new recipes are added if a new expansion comes out for the game. But what if crafters could make every item in the game?

Now this sounds like it would be terribly overpowered and if done in a simple way it would be. People wouldn’t need to camp specific mobs for items because they could just pay a crafter to make the item for them removing the need to camp anything at all....
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I'm thrilled by the idea of having to pay attention to Lore stories and quest completions to get tips or hints to recipes yet to be discovered by the player.
The only thing I would rather not see, is a blacksmith being able to brew, even if that meant he spent 2 years of researching. Ones he learned it, he'll put aside a player who's mainly brewing as the blacksmith can do both.
However there are still a lot of subcomponents that could have that shared knowledge kind of thing. If I'm a blacksmith, I might over time understand how the leather hilt of my crafted sword is made and I could be capable of making subcomponents.
The downside here again would be that it opens up the risk of isolating players that only have one trade. So as a blacksmith I would no longer seek out tailors or skinners to make me that hilt, I'ld just make it myself.
This in turn could be countered by preventing the blacksmith to make the hilt in such top quality only a tailor/skinner could do. But then again why would I as a blacksmith try out those subcomponents to begin with?
Experimentation and salvaging is nice and very promising, but perhaps best kept within it's own trade?