Character stat progression during crafting


A quick idea here. While I was writing on Pantheon forums.

What if your character has some stats increased while they are crafting?
This stat is specific to the tradeskill profession but is also present in the character.

For example all tradeskill class that require handling heavy tools, could have an increase of STR. Those that require concentration could boost Focus, INT. ...
I'm not suggesting that with each product completed, you gain a stat point.
For example this could fit in a frame where you craft for 10 levels and gain 1 str point for example (depending on the trade skill).

Or you can go a bit wider, where after X levels the players gains 1 or 2 stat increase points. Which they can choose to invest as they like. Although this might be too overpowering.

Another line of thought could be, that the gained bonus is linked to Charisma or Diplomacy. Meaning that, a blacksmith adventurer might experience a friendly chat with a military force quicker, than a scribe would. Then again, the magical order in Thronefast might be more willing to follow along the scribe or alchemist. A stonemason or woodworker could form quicker bonds (aka quests or other content) with npc's living in the outskirts of cities or towns. Provisioners and tailors have similar experience with npc farmers, gatherers and hunters. This is not to be confused with factions, this is still about a stat increase while crafting.

I prefer the first design. 1 stat ( trade skill specific) increase per X tradeskill progression. It really ties trade skill and adventuring more into each other. It could provide more depth and value to crafting. So that crafting is less viewed as a secondary feature in the game. But also, that it is still not a must have. It's not a dealbreaker if you don't tradeskill. But for those that do, they will notice benefits in their character as a whole (aka adventuring output).

What do you think of this suggestion?
The overall take away message here; a profession can influence your adventure character and provide a more all round, in depth experience and weight of your choices.