Bodytype or bloodline item production?


In one of the recent streams, Joppa confirmed a variety of body types or bloodlines implemented in the game.
at 1.29.00
This related to a question related to weapontypes doing specific types of damage to mobs.

I could not help but link this with crafting. So I'll open the discussion with that.
What do you gather from that, relating to crafting recipes or refining?

This for me, seems to lean more towards, having multiple recipes for one item type. Or even templates, where depending on what resources you use, the outcome will differ.
It would fall short if there was no link towards crafting. And the stats would just inform the player that this specific item is good or bad in situation X.
With their suggested emphasis on crafting being important, it seems more likely that you'll have a recipe for a plain sword, but with other resources or recipe "adaptations" you can have a plain sword which has a beneficial stat/effect in situation X.
This topic can be viewed from a broader perspective than just weapons and armor.

Did anyone else catch that and made that connection to crafting?
Or are we all just accepting this to be a looted item only - feature?
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So "body type" relates to the damage type - ie, crushing, piercing, slashing. Any weapon, regardless of whether it's crafted or looted, is going to have a damage type based on it's form. A sword will be slashing, a spear will likely be piercing, and so on.

"Bloodlines" probably refers to a creature's species. For example, orcs are one species, ratkin are another, and so on. One of the things the team has talked about in the past with regards to itemizations is the idea of "bane bonuses". Imagine that a weapon might have a bane bonus vs. orcs as an example, or wraiths or skeletons or trolls.

It is entirely reasonable to expect that if looted weapons can carry bane bonuses, then higher-end crafted weapons should as well. The open question is how a crafter might apply a bane bonus to a weapon during construction. We'll have to wait until Alpha to really start to have a clue on how the crafting process will work, unfortunately.


Still, it's a nice topic to take into consideration when imagining the scope of crafting in Pantheon.

Will those bloodlines be a rarity or uncommon or will they be common practice. And what would the impact be on the more generic crafted items that hit the same market?

Would the generic type still hold value when you have the same type of item with an added bloodline bonus?
Or will they rapidily drop out of interest and out of the market? Are we looking at Best In Slot or should there be a counterbalance?

Should we imagine that those bloodline bonuses are a thing for the distant future? How do you keep generic items hold their value in comparison? Or how long do you want to maintain equal value before this "evolution" of crafted items takes over?

Should a bloodline item have a decreased general stat in comparison to a generic weapon that does not have a bonus but slightly higher common stats?
Could the resources to craft such bloodline items, be scavanged from the specific mobs themselves? Or could they be found within the area of that mob? Or should the crafter be able to make that bloodline item with any resource in general?

I think, those things can at the very least be touched upon in these threads. It goes without saying that ingame experience would shape the discussion greatly, but we can already draw out some of the lines.