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  1. Celandor


    I start to get uneasy when people talk about realism and game inventory, especially when related to crafting materials. There's just nothing realistic about a world where people can carry multiple sets of armour, wear multiple backpacks simultaneously, or even the crazy idea of putting logs in...
  2. Celandor

    Site Upgrade

    Crom, as someone who has set up many forums over the years, I'd just like to say what a solid job you've done here on Pantheon Crafters. Nice, clean, professional. Now if we could just get VR to pull the trigger on their Xenforo migration...
  3. Celandor

    Crafter's Roundtable: What part of crafting would you be willing to sacrifice?

    I realize this is an older thread, so I don't know if I'm guilty of necroing or just kicking a slightly smelly corpse. I also can't separate harvesting and crafting in my mind as I see these systems as inextricable from each other. Beyond theory-crafting, I don't think we have a lot of solid...
  4. Celandor

    Hi, everyone

    I'm Celandor, long-time crafter in multiple past MMORPGs and currently recruiting officer for Legacy of Ages, an up and coming Pantheon guild. I've got big hopes for Pantheon's crafting system, but even larger hopes that crafting will be absolutely core to the game. I strongly believe that...