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  1. Autherial

    Crafter's Dungeons

    I like that idea
  2. Autherial

    I know it's been a while..

    Welcome aboard, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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    Crafter's Dungeons

    I like that, I just hope they implement some system similar to this.
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    Crafter's Dungeons

    I had an idea, I wanted to share and get discussion on. In an effort to appeal to crafters and make crafting in game more fun and rewarding. I thought about crafters group content. Suppose your crafters guild or group need special materials for legendary crafting. Your guildmates or group...
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    A Crafter's Journey, Part 3: What I'm hoping for in Pantheon

    I agree with everything neph said, I have high hopes for pantheon, the devs seem to really take the communities input and I believe it will grow to be a great game. The crafting I think will be pretty good, but will be behind the rest of the gameplay, at least for a few months until they can...
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    Is Pantheon being designed for Sustainability?

    I agree with everything you said, look how popular wow still is and especially FFXIV which I have been playing lately. All outdated graphics but the gameplay mechanics are great. I think if you have a central AH the prices should have a cap, and not change. You can have a mentor program like...
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    Challenging crafting content

    I like the idea of it being a group effort, and that keeps in line with the core principle of the game, community. There is a lot they could do with that and it would make it fun.
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    Challenging crafting content

    I am a big fan of crafting quest, one thing I would really like to see is quest that send you out to ancient locations and ruins for rare crafting recipe's or skills. There could be a skill line dedicated to just this, and as you progress you have to use those new skills to craft the tools...
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    The Fourth Sphere of Gameplay in MMORPGs

    I love what you wrote here and I have to agree, Pantheon is already making small steps toward this in regards to questing and dungeon running, making it easier for friends to the content together at the groups pace. Main social elements outside quest and combat sounds great. Maybe sitting down...
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    Do you get consumed by your crafting projects?

    I have recently got back into Conan Exiles, and I have been crafting and building up a storm. I go out and gather stone and wood, then go kill animals for skin and gather various other materials. Before I know it 4 hours have gone buy and I need more materials to finish building my base lol.
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    Crafter's Roundtable: Profession differences

    Trasak pretty much said everything I was going to, I also think that each profession requiring different skills and techniques should have a diffirent mechanic then the others.
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    Skillpoints and crafting levels

    I could not have said this better myself, pretty much on par with my thoughts.
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    Crafter's Roundtable (Snow Day Edition): Insuring item rarity

    Late to the party :) That picture is super accurate by the way:). My thoughts on rares is quick and concise. For something in game to be rare I believe it should truly be rare to obtain. First off it should be a low drop rate, second once someone on the server has obtained this rare it is...
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    Crafting Energy, the elegant compromise between time and materials

    I really like this idea, mainly because it it begins to delve into the major problems with crafting in mmo's. You don't want to be able to flood the market with cheap crafts, you also don't want to just have hundred's of crafters using the same skill set making the same things. So it comes...
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    Crafter's Roundtable: Limits on selling items

    I really like what you put here, the in game market system can make or break a game. I have seen in numerous games where players have figured out how to rig the market and pretty much dominate it and preventing others from having a successful experience. Then you have the problem with bots etc...
  17. Autherial

    Thoughts on a crafters reputation system.

    What do you all think about a crafter reputation system. This would be separate from normal pve reputation city, race etc. As you advance and become specialized in your chosen profession perhaps you recieve a letter from someone in another town asking you for assistance. As you advance your...
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    Are repeatable harvesting quests acceptable?

    I really would not mind repeatable harvest quest at all I think they fit into the roll play aspect really well.
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    Salvaging efficiency

    Yes exactly
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    Salvaging efficiency

    I agree and I also like the idea of a small chance of obtaining a rare crafting component from salvaging especial rare gear.