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  1. Mayeia

    Crafter's Dungeons

    I like the idea... but I would make the crafting of the item may be a timed thing between everyone at the end. If you make it simultaneously, and someone LD's, you're all screwed. Say... each crafting class makes his or her part no more than 10 minutes from the other classes. Maybe they have to...
  2. Mayeia

    Water as component node?

    I like this idea. I play a web-based game that while I *do* need money and items for it, water is actually what keeps my little game going. I know if I am to get this item tonight, I have to have 4 waters to do it. If not, I have to wait until my water refills tomorrow (automatic over time...
  3. Mayeia

    What if crafting had no vertical progression?

    The one thing that really bothers me about the idea of non-linear crafting is that there's no pass/fail unless it's just plain old RNG. I make a level 1 character and immediately get to crafting. Why? Because I really want to dig into the meat of this aspect of the game and see what I can do and...
  4. Mayeia

    Old Words that are still relevant for games today

    Having been a 'bread baker' more than a few times, I concur with this post. He does get his post across cleanly and calmly. It doesn't feel like a rant, a complaint, or a whine to 'make this playable for me!' I find myself relating to this person more and more as the post goes on. I caught...
  5. Mayeia

    [Poll] Which crafting profession sounds the most interesting?

    Alchemy is in my blood. No, it really is! I have used my own blood to make a tincture or two... My enemies suddenly think they're afraid of me and they run away!
  6. Mayeia

    Poll: Stockpiling crafting materials

    Old post but here I am replying... Doesn't matter, right? I... am... here! Anyway. I hoard so many crafting supplies that I usually make an alt JUST to store stuff. Alt A holds all my Alchemy items, Alt B holds cooking mats, etc. Of COURSE we hoard!
  7. Mayeia

    I know it's been a while..

    I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with ideas that aren't "too far out there" to be accepted without someone putting me in a straight jacket (aka love me jacket!) or simply thinking the idea won't work. So... I sit here. Mostly I stare at my started post and wonder how I'll finish it.
  8. Mayeia

    So... crafter fashion (in-game)

    That should be a requirement in every game that has an important crafting content in it. If I am making potions, I'd love to see my character slip on some big protective gloves, maybe some tinkered sort of eye-wear and a lab-coat! Mayeia ~ She of the Crafted Heart
  9. Mayeia

    I know it's been a while..

    Since you've seen anyone new around here. Well, I have both *good* news and *bad* news for you... My name is Mayeia and I'm here to stay! While I can be fun and chatty, I can also drive people kinda crazy with my own brand of crazy (tm). So please, say hi (or don't! pfft) but just know that I...