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  1. kazyovka

    A Crafter's Journey, Part 3: What I'm hoping for in Pantheon

    I should have mentioned that I think crafting in POE is really fun. Especially when you hit the mods you're looking for. But it's all probability-based with layers upon layers of RNG. Every extra mod you target when crafting an item multiplies the expected cost of creating that item. A lot of...
  2. kazyovka

    Crafter's Dungeons

    I love it! I’m less into RP, but I imagine similar scenarios from a mechanical perspective. 1. A raid encounter where the reward is access to a certain powerful crafting bench. Infinite waves of progressively more power enemies zerg the raid as they try to defend their master crafter while...
  3. kazyovka

    MMO economics - Death by taxes, fees, and other costs and levies

    Taxes are a bad way to solve the issue. The proper way to solve the issue is for the money supply to be self-correcting. In full generality, the issue becomes self correcting when new sinks for money turn on as the marginal utility of a unit of currency decreases (i.e., as the currency...
  4. kazyovka

    A Crafter's Journey, Part 3: What I'm hoping for in Pantheon

    I agree with most of what you're saying! Although I loved EQ, I don't think the crafting system of EQ was great. I'm only familiar with one game that has a crafting system which delivers on your manifesto, and it's the ARPG Path of Exile (POE). Here's how POE delivers on your points: Purpose...