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  1. Nephele

    Crafter's Roundtable: Fishing in Pantheon

    With the recent forum and twitter discussion about fansites and my own post about how I use the fishing fansite in FFXIV, I thought it would be interesting to bring this discussion back and hear more people's opinions. How should fishing work in Pantheon? :)
  2. Nephele

    Crafter's Roundtable: Death, Durability, and Repairs

    Going to throw out a crazy idea for discussion. Disclaimer: I haven't really thought this all the way through yet, as it kind of just came to me this morning while reading people's opinions on durability. Background: Durability as an across-the-board money sink tends to be boring and players...
  3. Nephele

    Crafter's Roundtable: Death, Durability, and Repairs

    Yesterday (July 25th), Joppa surprised everyone by describing what Visionary Realms is looking to use for Pantheon's death penalty in the community's unofficial discord channel. Here is what he said: When you die: - Return to your bind spot - Lose X% of current experience towards next level -...
  4. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    Yeah, sorry, I don't think "magic" is the answer Barin. None of those would really clear my suspension of disbelief. :) I do think that if there are going to be temporary recipes, having some variation in terms of their materials/resource requirements would go a long way towards making them...
  5. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    I don't mind one-shot recipes as long as they make sense from a world/lore perspective. For example, SWG has limited-use schematics, and it honestly just feels a little weird that I can use one, make a gun or a starship capacitor or whatever, and then have to go get another identical schematic...
  6. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    For starters, I wouldn't focus on making it "contested". I would focus on making it compelling and challenging. Pantheon is a cooperative PvE experience. In this context, contention as a speedbump or delaying mechanism is a poor substitute for actual challenge. With that said, here are a few...
  7. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    Maybe the conversation would be best served if we stick with one type of goal at a time rather than tryng to generalize across them. For example, acquiring new recipes would seem like an ongoing goal for every crafter. Would you agree? If so, how would you set up the acquisition of new...
  8. Nephele

    Crafting in Pantheon: Artisans vs. Peddlers

    There are many people like me in the community who tend to think about crafting in an MMO in terms of the game economy. We talk about things like the viability of items, and supply/demand, and setting up the various systems, requirements, and markets within the game world so that players can...
  9. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    Sure - I mean, the devil's in the details, but if you have a contested way to get something that is (as an example) a 100% success rate, and then non-contested ways to get the same thing that are a 10% success rate, that's probably fine. The people doing the contested thing will likely get...
  10. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    A couple of additional thoughts (just for this version of the thread): 1) Forcing crafters to compete on the quality of the same finished item is a bad idea because once non-crafters figure it out, the demand for high-quality versions of items will skyrocket, and the demand for not-high-quality...
  11. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    Reposting this from the pantheon forums just to keep it in both places :) Bluntly - I don't think contested content works as an incentive for many players, full stop. While there is certainly a thrill in beating someone else to the prize, too much of that *will* take the game in a bad...
  12. Nephele

    Contested crafting content for years to come

    I'm not really sure if you're looking for "contested" content or if you're really just looking for long-term, non-combat goals that take potentially years to achieve. If it's the latter, certainly there are many potential ways to achieve this in Pantheon. For example, legendary recipes that...
  13. Nephele

    Is Pantheon being designed for Sustainability?

    One of my biggest complaints about most MMORPGs and their developers is that they incorporate design decisions that are short-sighted and end up harming the game in the long run. When you're making a persistent online world, one of your goals should be for it to be something that can last and...
  14. Nephele

    Bodytype or bloodline item production?

    So "body type" relates to the damage type - ie, crushing, piercing, slashing. Any weapon, regardless of whether it's crafted or looted, is going to have a damage type based on it's form. A sword will be slashing, a spear will likely be piercing, and so on. "Bloodlines" probably refers to a...
  15. Nephele

    Item value in relation to local or global sale design

    So, the challenge with not having shared banks is that people will engage in severely risky behavior to move stuff back and forth between their characters. @Barin999 - you aren't wrong about the potential impact on local/regional markets, but it is still probably the lesser of two evils when it...
  16. Nephele

    Stats or bonuses on furniture

    It's definitely a good idea, but I would avoid any sort of combat or experience related benefits, because that will make housing "required". A better way to approach it may to be to think about what unique kinds of gameplay a house can provide for players that also have social value, and then...
  17. Nephele

    Good morning!

    Welcome to the community Gremiszh!
  18. Nephele

    MMO economics - Death by taxes, fees, and other costs and levies

    I've talked about money sinks in game economies before, and we've even had a few Crafter's Roundtables about them in the past. We tend to look at these things in a vacuum, but the truth is that they're all interrelated. For example, consider a 5% listing fee, every time you list an item in an...
  19. Nephele

    Rogue Halfling

    Not as my first choice but it is definitely intriguing :)
  20. Nephele

    Crafter's Roundtable: Mastery Shards and Crystals

    During last night's dev stream (April 2nd), we heard a lot of details about the mastery system, which is a way both for adventurers to "power up" their various abilities and spells as well as unlock additional character benefits (similar to EverQuest's Alternate Advancement system). There's no...