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  1. Cromulent

    Site Upgrade to Xenforo 2.1

    I have successfully updated Pantheon Crafters to Xenforo 2.1. This upgrade should result in a lot of new features which you can use. If you have any problems with the site after the upgrade, then please reply to this thread or send me a private message and I'll try and fix the issues.
  2. Cromulent

    Crafter's Roundtable: Re-forging or Re-crafting

    I like the idea of crafters upgrading or repairing other items because it gives players a chance to add features to an item that they already have. That might be adding a proc to an item or some extra stats that the items don't come with by default, but if the player wants to add a magical...
  3. Cromulent

    The war on spam

    Hmm, strange. I'm not sure what is causing that. I'll start a thread on the Xenforo forum to find out if anyone else has that problem.
  4. Cromulent

    Greetings and salutations

    That could certainly work, but I get the impression that a particular type of player might be put off by a system such as that. Perhaps it would be better if lower level gear could be dropped or quested, but the high end gear would need to be crafted. This could work in such a way that raiders...
  5. Cromulent

    Site Upgrade

    I've just finished upgrading the site to Xenforo 2.0.10 and Xenforo Resource Manager 2.0.4. This is a significant upgrade that has changes in the theme we use for the site as well as fixing a load of bugs in the Xenforo software. If you notice any problems with the site, please reply to this...
  6. Cromulent

    [Poll] Which crafting profession sounds the most interesting?

    I went with stonemason. Hopefully, they'll be able to build significant stone structures. I'd love a game that did player housing where the players build the house instead of just renting a home in an already existing city.
  7. Cromulent

    Flooding the ingame market

    I like your post, but I'd like to comment on this little bit of it. While I agree that trivialising crafting is a bad idea I think the idea that you can't grind it out in the short term is slightly wrong. What I would like to see is crafting following two paths. The first part is theoretical...
  8. Cromulent

    Pantheon Crafters Website Feature Requests

    Correct. Xenforo is fully capable of making polls. To do so click on the post a poll link in the New Thread view at the bottom near to the post thread button. As Nephele says though, discussion is much more important at this time on Pantheon Crafters. Having said that feel free to post a poll...
  9. Cromulent

    Crafting at low levels

    One thing that has always frustrated me about crafting in other games is that it often requires that you level up as an adventurer first before you can get into crafting. The one game that didn't need this was Vanguard: Saga of Heroes as it gave you work orders (I'm sure that quite a few more...
  10. Cromulent


    Wood is one of those things that works well with the perception system. For instance, you can see if there are knots in specific bits of the wood which might make it hard to work with or you might notice that the wood is already split or not that good to work with. I guess the same is true of...
  11. Cromulent

    How have MMOs helped you grow?

    I've found that MMOs have improved my ability to interact with people. I've made so many friends over the years online through my addiction to MMOs and other online games. EverQuest was a massive game for me, and I still remember a lot of what went on in the community back in 2003 or so. I have...
  12. Cromulent

    Long Term Crafting

    I agree. It would be great to see expansions improve the crafting landscape by adding new skills and requirements. Perhaps if a further expansion comes out then, it will require its own unique crafting skill tree which will stop already experienced crafters from just jumping in and straight away...
  13. Cromulent

    Some Friday fun... what RL crafting do you do?

    Not really crafting as such but I do call it a craft, and that is programming. I enjoy it a lot as it keeps my mind active.
  14. Cromulent

    Site Back-End Upgrade: July 27th

    I figured out what the problem was. HTTP/2 is now up and running, and the site should feel a lot faster (particularly on mobile devices). Please note that you will need an up-to-date browser for you to notice this new speed increase.
  15. Cromulent

    Site Back-End Upgrade: July 27th

    The server upgrade has now been completed, and the website is back up and running although I haven't been able to enable HTTP/2 just yet. I'll fix that either today or tomorrow depending on whether I can figure out what is wrong.
  16. Cromulent

    The RL Recipe Thread (Cooking)

    There is only one meal worth making :D.
  17. Cromulent

    What Up????

    Welcome to the site @Brewanor Silverhorn :). Pantheon is a fascinating game indeed. I've been following it since 2016, and the community so far has been excellent.
  18. Cromulent

    Crafters Roundtable: Raiding and Crafting

    It would indeed be good to have an in-depth player economy. I'm not saying only raiders should have great gear, but if there was some form of group-based crafting or maybe even more than a group, then that should give better rewards than something that only required a single player to achieve...
  19. Cromulent

    What games are you playing while you wait for Pantheon to come out?

    There was a deal running for the complete version of FFXIV for £15 so I grabbed that and got 30 days included so not a bad deal really. I'll see if I can play on the US servers.
  20. Cromulent

    What games are you playing while you wait for Pantheon to come out?

    Hmm, for some odd reason I've already used my free trial. No matter I'll buy it and see what it is like. One question though do you need to buy the base game and all the expansions separately or can I buy Stormblood and get access to previous expansions as well? Thanks for the tips. I'll see...