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  1. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable: Mastery Shards and Crystals

    I think the system sounds great. I understand the concerns some may have regarding "craftable xp" - but if these are rare drops then the spawn rate can be modified as needed to support the economy and maybe even help to balance it. People may save shards for their own crystal or may be...
  2. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Expansions

    ..... the trouble is, I want all the cool stuff at launch ;)
  3. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable: Cultural Cuisine

    The three races that I would invite to my memorial day celebration would be humans (of course), halflings (better prepare LOTS of food, and Archai (who are famed for enjoying both celebration and battle equally)! Most certainly, the hotdogs would be the overall favorate of my guests, followed...
  4. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable: Profession differences

    I would love to see minigame crafting. Very distinct for each profession. Even very different for specializations within the profession. What I am picturing would evolve as the player learns new skills. The provisioner would use different items and processes if he wanted to cook kebabs vs...
  5. Khaleesi

    Expansion idea for crafting

    Since we're thinking about this in the terms of it being a possible addition as an expansion of crafting, this could be something that the developers could keep in their back pocket to address concerns of having too much limitation in one job skill. I'm conceptualizing it as instead of having...
  6. Khaleesi

    "Needs" - dynamic crafting and gathering content

    @Nephele, I love this concept! I could see the work extending to a guild level - maybe even a major crafting guild on the server who helps coordinate the efforts of guild members and non-guild members alike who are willing to travel to help repair these inns...... and the repairs may even be...
  7. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Climates

    @Nephele I love the condensation of the idea (pun intended) into the phrase - Crafting "should be an adventure too!"
  8. Khaleesi

    My current goal

    I know a reliable team of seals ......
  9. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable (Snow Day Edition): Insuring item rarity

    wow, once per server seems a bit too restrictive for me to be happy with. These things are only really worthwhile if they are eventually attainable.
  10. Khaleesi

    Downtime with a drizzle of crafting

    It's a shard, maybe a splinter from an opponent's axe, the bent and broken tip of a dirk, an ogre's ear - some physical 'souvenir.' I don't mean several different discrete in game items, but just one, which would physically appear in the fighter's inventory and stack. It could then be traded...
  11. Khaleesi

    Downtime with a drizzle of crafting

    @Barin999 The material could take any name, as the process was refined - maybe a "shard of battle" or an "remnant of war." Something, certainly tradable, just as the caster's physical "focus of endurance" or "essence of battle" would be. The provisioner could process the caster's material...
  12. Khaleesi

    Downtime with a drizzle of crafting

    the survivalist crowd could certainly get a kick out of some of these ideas - especially security. Maybe a provisioner could even fire up something to pass to the fighter who needs endurance - but in turn, would need some magic material that a caster built up during battle. A fighter...
  13. Khaleesi

    Crafting/harvesting PC-Hirelings

    I like the consideration for PC- hirelings. At high levels it can be difficult to figure out how to obtain materials for crafting - and at low levels, one may not have the space/experience/or inclination to keep or correctly utilize the materials obtained while out adventuring. Creating a PC -...
  14. Khaleesi

    Trade House

    Accessibility is important for craftsmen and craftswomen of all interaction levels and if we want adventurers to have incentive to dip their toes into the crafting system (instead of dismissing it out of principle) then there had to be enough early reward to make it worthwhile. I would like...
  15. Khaleesi

    Salvaging efficiency

    I think it's fair to be able to salvage a partial return on something that has been made. That can produce further utility for the item rather than cluttering up the brokerage market and driving down the selling price.
  16. Khaleesi

    Salvaging proc's

    I think the idea [of learning something about your chosen profession by salvaging materials of world items with similar materials] is quite immersive. Just as in @Barin999 's tinkering example, there is plenty to be explored and learned from examining the work of others. If there is some...
  17. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Content

    That sounds fantastic, especially since the player who put in the effort had the support of guild members to obtain something very distinctive and would inspire more players to take up the craft with the help of friends for the end result of something amazing. That's good for community and to...
  18. Khaleesi

    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Content

    YES, this is a great idea! It would be an excellent way to make use of the specialized mechanics that have been discussed in Pantheon and integrate more player skills.
  19. Khaleesi

    Gathering ideas on what mini-game / puzzles should look and feel like.

    I have a concept of woodworking that would involve a whole shop's worth of tools (more hand-held than mechanical, but maybe the gnomes can help speed up the process with some really good equipment). each of these tools may have to be manufactured / reconditioned / upgraded by other craftsmen...