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  1. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: Limits on selling items

    Exactly right on both points. Rather than NPC auctioneers simply being in-game versions of eBay, we breathe some life into them. Players can't just ride into town and expect merchants to commit to selling items for them. The merchants are risking their reputations on the goods they sell, so...
  2. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: Limits on selling items

    I don't think there should be any restrictions on player-to-player trading other than carrying capacity. If monetization takes some direction other than a sub-based pay-to-play model, then player-to-player trading should be restricted to subscribers/premium members. I think anyone should be...
  3. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting Progression

    Let's say every weapon has attributes such as Damage (a capped range), Speed, and Weight. Magic weapons will have Abilities/Enhancements such as +Chance To Hit, Fire, Fear, and all the rest. The core of the progression would still be based on repetition, where skill is increased by some factor...
  4. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: Level Tiers

    Skill points. Yeah, I realize if Pantheon is like EQ there will be a skill cap at each level, but I still prefer any action/item tiers be skill based. Let's say you get 5 skill points in One-Hand Sword per level, so you'd have a Sword Skill of 50 at level 10. Well, a Fine Steel Sword might...
  5. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: Re-forging or Re-crafting

    I think you would use the same basic crafting mechanic in the repair system, using items of the same quality (level) and type to repair damaged items. So to repair your Ultimate Epic Sword of Badassery, you would need one or more Ultimate Epic Swords or Crafted Ultimate Epic Swords. You could...
  6. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: Re-forging or Re-crafting

    I've always liked this idea, but it would be tricky to implement and manage from a development standpoint. I think commonly dropped and easily crafted items should be ingredients in other recipes. I don't think it should just be for rare items or quests. For example, one or more Steel Swords...
  7. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: Itemization Balance - Loot vs. Crafted

    I like symbiotic relationships. Let's say a piece of gear can have up to 5 attributes or properties, but they only drop with 3 randomly assigned attributes. Those attributes may or may not be desirable to your class or playstyle. Crafters would have a chance to 'learn' how to craft properties by...
  8. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: NPC Hirelings

    Setting aside Pantheon MMO for the moment, NPCs don't have to be low-effort throw away content. NPC merchants, for example, can enhance both community and character development. Each large town could have a 'marketplace' where the NPC merchant hirelings could work. Player Crafters could travel...
  9. Bitter_Clinger

    Crafter's Roundtable: NPC Hirelings

    I like the idea of NPC hirelings. In fact, I think all crafting and 'auction' functions should be performed by NPC hirelings. I also think Player Characters that allocate more skill points into traits like Leadership or Charisma should be rewarded with the ability to manage more NPC hirelings.